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Heroes taking a stand against tyranny.

Owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr kicked down the plywood boards covering their business’ doorway Saturday morning and ushered in dozens of clients for workouts, the latest move in a months-long standoff with government officials over New Jersey’s coronavirus-related restrictions.

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Small business owners used to be a lot more organized as a group. I remember my dad telling me once about when the county was trying to dictate the hours that everyone could stay open, but making exceptions for places like Walmart. Long story short, almost everyone violated the new law and the police just gave up trying to go around forcing businesses to close after hours.

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Why don't these guys just hang a rainbow flag on their shit and rename the place "Comrade Stalin's House of Iron" and they'll be immunized from any further left-wing harassment.

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Not left enough.
They need to put up karl marx posters, stars of remphan, and claim to serve pizza to members.
Then any government entity that attempts to shut them down will be branded a right wing Nazi trying to gas jews, and the government employees that harassed them will be found to have 1.5 TB of child porn on their computers.
After which, those employees will be promptly jailed, and found dead from suicide in their cells the next day.

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pretty sure my gym is violating state recommendations, but i'm glad my gym owners aren't cucked

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Fucking badass