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Swedes still have the parasitic sand nigger problem...

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all western countrys will fall to the sandniggers, sad.. democracy is a joke

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Don’t be sound defeated. One day they’ll all be just inbred degenerates, with rampant incest.

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Why the fuck did he even do that?

So it will load faster? It didn't. It had to redirect. And the reaction time of seeing a link and knowing you want to click on it and then doing it successfully is longer than the difference the two could have in load time anyway, so he didn't really save us hassle. If it hadn't redirected and the amp was actually useful he saved us 1% in the whole processes.

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Cause op uses jewgle...

I have an add-on that auto-fixes amp links for me. Good stuff.

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Sweeden is the same size and population as North Carolina.

Of 80,422 cases in sweden there have been 5,743 deaths meaning the virus is fatal 7.14% of the time. That's significantly worse than the US and China and most other european countries.

Of 123,000 cases in North Carolina there have been 1,947 deaths meaning the virus is fatal 1.58% of the time.

As of a couple of months ago, I think the day the patron saint of dead niggers bit the dust, NC had about 60,000 cases and still about 900 deaths and sweeden had about 4k deaths and 75k infections.

What are the significant differences between these places, believe it or not more niggers in NC, 12 cities had riots, 5 were major, continued protesting in 20 cities/towns, NC has had a massive crime rate uptick; from family in the sate I hear nogs are masked up more than whites, elders are masked up but the niggest of nogs and whites under 40 aren't masking much at all and i also understand like much of the country hispanics are functioning as plague rats because of inter familial carpooling and intergenerational multi family housing(no social distancing) big gang wars going on too.

From my news sources sweden has seen people take the virus seriously after loosing about 80 times the people they annually loose to flu, sweden's government still ain't doing much but the media and general population are taking it seriously now and they are social distancing when possible, outside of like 3 cities this is a fact of life anyway, the general population is now implementing universal masking after reports rocked the country that they were handling the virus far worse than the US so masking is nigh universal in Swedish cities and that correlates to the rapid decline of their infection rate only about 6k infections in 2 months while NC doubled.

NC has been stuck in a stage 2 and a half lockdown for about 2 months now you can get a haircut by appointment only, get medical, dental, chiropractic work done, see movies in person at select theaters with social distancing, drive ins have come back, basically just schools are still online only and. Banks are drive through or by appointment only dining rooms are still closed for most of the day, there is a wildly unsuccessful mask order.

Lockdowns may have saved lives by giving us time to develop more successful treatment methods, or population drnsity directly correlates to high mortality rates due to hospital staff overworking and lack of resources, likely both are true to lesser extents. The only successful mitigation method is masks so if NC wants partial lockdown to end just wear masks, the virus will be unable to spread as effectively.

This post has drug on a bit but you should look at japan, vietnam and korea to see how they have done, vietnam just had its first death a couple of days ago and japan is 12 times NC's population in an area only about 3 and a half times the size but have fewer total deaths than NC which has probably one of the lowest mortality rates in the US.

The data is clear, re-evaluate your positions folks, this thing us about twice as fatal as spanish flu was we can avoid a huge load of deaths coming in the second wave if we mask up now.

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Look at the age demographics of each and then you will see why Sweden's mortality rate is so high.

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Oh yeah, I forgot their kiked government wants to kill the old white people, makes you think about what were doing here in an election year.

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As of a couple of months ago, I think the day the patron saint of dead niggers

Kek. Thoughts and prayers were about all he was good for, unless you were a nigger with some "capital" to grease the wheels

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Belarus has done even less, their President is the most based world leader.

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... South Dakota. The only remaining US STATE

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rape gangs operating at 100% efficiency

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Sweden is hardly doing fine, they are over run with moozlim thieves, rapists, and murderers!

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Sweden is not doing fine, Sweden is fucked due to non-white immigration.

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