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Threatening somebody to put them in jail for all cost denial they’re trying that and other aspects it’s a constant victim hood bullshit it’s trying to silence people like this bullshit word anti-Semite which is actually anti-gentile ism just like this bullshit word racist just like this bullshit of forcing people to wear a mask for this fake fucking Covid hoax which is the second biggest hoax next to the holocaust stop being manipulated and buy these fucking poisonous jew you rats And the incessant victimhood which they use as a weapon

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globalist = jew

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Yes right on Germans!!!

Finally standing up good all Germans need to pass on the word that the Holocaust was a fucking hoax that Holocaust was a scam to steal reparation money millions not once you died from gassing there was no gas it was Zyklon B which is Delousing agent although they should’ve guessed them but they didn’t and now look what happened they bring back the cockroaches a Nager’s to destroy and murder and I’ll try to starve people I know poison with this Covid shit Covid hoax it’s a lie all the information is on bitchute

Gates is a Jew fuck he is a Jew Soros is a Jew and I do nothing but poison like gates the Covid was nothing but a orchestrated communist scam in order to push the vaccine in order to have people having to host in the hand which is desecration of our Lord in order to poison people with his vaccine which is also the nano chip to alter your DNA it is the mark of the beast refuse that shitWith all your might spread the word quickly tell Germans to stop feeling guilty stop being kilted by the fucking ZHU stop being scammed by that you would use are afraid that people find out that they were being scammed because you don’t like to have the money taken away from them and they want to control people and they want to murder do you professors have been actually calling fora genocide of white people.There showing their true nature like the vampirism of Adrenochrome which is Planned Parenthood Jewish ritual murder what they have been kicked out of numerous times but expelling is not going to work this time this time they need to be sent back in the ass of the demon that shat his demonic Jewish out

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That's the only thing they stand for anymore. Germany isn't German anymore. It died in 1945. It will remain dead.

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