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Countries like Sweden figured their people were already dead inside and didn't need the covid authoritarianism to crush any remaining spirit out of them. They aren't having a covid problem.

It;s not as if Australian can;t see that on the internet and figure out that their government is incompetent, greedy, stupid and weak and that every political party is the same party.

That can't last. When do we fight?

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This. Wherever you find the human spirit alive and still kicking, that’s where they’ll focus all their time and resources. Why do you think the US is in Cohen-19 overdrive?

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This is not authoritarianism. They'd be beaten and no camera's would show it and then locked in a cell for months. This is called totalitarianism, because they're making an example of them to influence social control.

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Boiling the frogs into strict social order where orders that can lock you up can come from ANYONE above your level.

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Notice the snarky tone of the newsbitch as she gives up any pretense of objectivity and condemns the man instead of reporting on the situation.

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It's called assholery and cause for war.

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Nobel Prize Winner for finding root cause of cancer 1931 Otto Warburg.

"Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency"

"Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous."

– Dr. Otto Warburg.

Someone doing oxygen test with a mask: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BRzya7upY5ov/

Now put 1 and 1 together. They try to use the same excuse they WILL try with the coming poisoned vaccine. "You are endangering others if you don't do what we say"

by the way:



of the beast


By the way, my opinion is that they will come with a "nuclear emergency". a nuclear incident, at the end of the year, don't ask me how I know. Then out of that forced tainted (making your children, not you, sterile with CRISPR) vaccines

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Well that's pretty interesting. I'd like to see cancer rates on people that routinely wear masks for their job: doctors, nurses, firefighters, anybody working in fiberglass, etc.

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Fined people in their backyard! That’s fucking crazy! These people are insane!

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And the police/ government care so much about the people's health, they'd probably shoot them if they became defiant.

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Couldn't be defiant, they ban guns, member?

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This is Victoria, which is Australia’s little commie state. The premier Daniel Andrews has blamed the public for the rise in positive cases, claiming people are not following the rules strictly enough. Then, only 2 nights ago, he again blamed the public for not social distancing enough, inside their own homes.

Hope the whole state tests positive and feels the squeeze of the useless fuckin cops. Cops here are not far from the UK in terms of clown world status and preparedness for the job. Don’t do much to stop crime but love to come down on civil liberties, issue fines, enforce ridiculous laws against taxpayers. You know, all the things that make you a good little foot soldier of the state.

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I've gotta concur with you - Victoria contains the only seat in Australia (the city of Melbourne, which is where the worst of the wubonic plague is happening in Victoria) who were retarded enough to have the green party as a majority. Not to mention they have a massive shitskin problem, all because of hipster trash.

[–] romanstock ago 

and the fucking rat refused to blame the BLM protests

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That was fucking nuts.

[–] drozzxd ago 

They deserve all the awful things coming their way. Preemptive /spit on their graves

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200,000 dollars in fines issued in the past 24 hours? That is insane!

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Recuperating lost traffic ticket profits from the last few months, the coffers are empty.

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That sounds like a good thing. Empty coffers should indicate a decrease in crime. They should celebrate and reduce staff to the tune of a parade. "Thank you for your service to our crime ridden community and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors."

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No one should pay. F them!

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Aus gov "lets fine thousands of people forcibly out of work and being given double welfare" fucking derp

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Hell, you get fined for not voting in Australia. “We live in a free country, but you have to participate or else the government will steal your money.”

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Mao's empire does not tolerate white peaceful protesters

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They would have to take that fine out of my cold, dead hands.

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They just garnish your wages

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If everyone wore a swastika mask, Covid-19 would be declared antisemitic and disappear within a day.

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People should be promoting anti-government and anti-Covid messages if mask are worn.

[–] Shlarb123 ago 

Six million died of the Holocough.

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Where are all those brain damaged come retards that swore there would.be millions dead months ago?

Oh that's right, cooming.

Common cold, just like I said

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No no, you see, the reason there’s so few deaths is because our wonderful government, always looking out for us, enforced lockdowns and saved us!

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Its super serious! Worst sniffles I've ever had

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Time to rise up! If an entire nations stands up against these evil fucks, they will be completely screwed. It is, at its core, a mind game. A battle of wills and of beliefs.

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"We can do whatever we want! This is Australia! It's free!"

lead into police truck in cuffs

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Coming to the USA faster than we realize.

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