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At this point, I don't know which jew is jewing who.

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Satanyahu - nationalist Jew that robs and ruins America to make Israel stronger.

Leftists Jews - spread degeneracy and also rob and ruin America.

Both are equally dangerous and will destroy you if you attack Holocaust.

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The only correct thing the Democrats are doing is criticizing the Jews ... and that's only because there are so many Arab Muslims in positions of control.

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LMAO pretending Obama was bad for Israel. This article is retarded. Obama started 7 wars for Isreal, giving them their largest land grabs in decades.

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Obama would suck kosher dick in no time as long as that dick didn't belong to Netanyahu. That's all what it was. Democrats will keep sending cash to Israel no matter what. They need to start removing Jews from their party before I believe they no longer serve Jewfish interest.

They also sent $500M to Israel.


[–] watts2db ago 

I remember how he kept saying ISIL

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All I could hear coming out of his mouth was "Ooga booga!"

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Until Israel recognizes blacks as the true jews and imports millions to their homeland i will never rest.

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As soon as blacks arrived in Israel the Israeli government would tell all of the blacks that they needed a Covid19 vaccine, and the kikes would say, "Oh vey! Us chosen holy master jews are so loving of all of Gods creatures, we'll give you jew niggers the vaccine for free!". But really it wouldnt be a vaccine it would be a sterilizing agent, bc as dirty and evil as the little jew is he is smart, and he doesnt want a bunch of nighers having 8-9 niglets a piece in their jew base. Oh what is that? Oh yeah!!! THE ISRALIES ALREADY DID THAT!! AND THEY WERE CAUGHT LIEING ABOUT IT AND NOBODY SAID SHIT.

[–] Catfishbelly ago 


Didn’t know about this one I’ll be adding it to the list

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I wish, but don't forget their elites are all blackmailed by jewish pedophiles who work for the israeli government.

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Must be coming from somewhere. Israel hatred is likely getting taught at colleges and Universities in the grievance studies/hate America classes these days.

[–] ConanLibertatem ago 

Damn, maybe I need to vote Democrat after all.

[–] 78616BC93459 ago 

If this was actually true I would vote for Democrats.

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