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Big Phamra has been exempt from liability since 1986. It was passed by Congress and signed by Reagan.

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If you were building a house, would you accept work from a construction company that has no insurance, no experience, and has immunity from lawsuits?

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The project manager better give amazing head.

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How about this: They get exempt if and only if they don't lie about safety or efficacy during the clinical trials. I know COVID-19 is not deadly enough to warrant a vaccine. I know there is a lot of evidence that certain vaccines and the total amount of vaccines required harm many people. Make the caveat that drug companies must be completely forthright and truthful during the clinical trials, and watch them squirm. They won't accept even that. Most of the issues with vaccines were known about in advance.

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That's true. Though they'd probably just falsify the data.

I know they aren't planning to have any clinical trials. They've been pretty open about admitting that they're going to skip all clinical trials of the COVID-1984 vaccine.

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If they wish to destroy America further, they will push this shit onto us and run propaganda campaigns across the media imploring state governments and local counties to mandate that businesses only allow those with "proof" of vaccination to be allowed in to work or shop. It will run under the mantras of "protecting the immunodeficient/elderly/children," "helping the economy, " or "getting kids back to school" This will be a watershed moment folks. Comply and become infected with whatever RNA genetic modification the Beast wants you to have to permanently distort your genes or don't comply and potentially lose your livelihood. Do not let the women in your lives try to convince to make the wrong choice in complying when this happens. Stand your ground, even if it means losing everything. Your body, your mind, your freedom is yours.

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This type of situation has been addressed before:


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So this is great. Let all the sheep take the vaccines.

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Does this include "medical marijuana"?

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Of course. Why are we surprised? People will still flock to it. Even if it had something like cigarettes (surgeon general warning) to go with it, I’m sure it would still be lauded as wonderful. eye roll