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Bellman said they're struggling to understand why she went to Reid's residence

Who she had a restraining order against. The dumb bitch went to him

Islam is right about women

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Islam is right about women

You mean the little boys they rape? Muslims are just brown kikes. They're right about nothing.

[–] binrobinro ago 

Of course he meant little boys, that's why he said "women".

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I'm willing to be no father figure in her life. Women do strange stuff depending on their monthly cycle

[–] HST 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Women do strange stuff

All that needs to be said, really

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He probably threatened to kill himself, which nigggers NEVER do

[–] Donald_Trumpstein 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago 

Yeah but the important thing is that at least she wasn't racist.

Now it is equally as important for her family and friends to also not be racist. Perhaps this young lady's parents can supply some funding for her ex boyfriend's legal defense fund in order to prove how not racist they are.

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Let him stay in their house! What is the worst that could happen?

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Once upon a time voat had trannies and ugly prostitute mudsharks like @Inara__Serra but now most of them are dead from the nigger AIDs

[–] gimpyoldman 1 point 16 points (+17|-1) ago 

""Reid was under an interim judicial release in connection with a previous alleged domestic violence incident between Henderson-Bellman and Reid. He said Reid was arrested four times for breaching conditions of his release by contacting Henderson-Bellman.

"The family and police struggled to keep her safe,""

Yep, nobody could have seen this coming. If he hadn't killed her I wonder how many more times he could have gotten away with being arrested for violating the restrain order before someone finally kept him in jail?

[–] HighEnergyLife 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

They mean to say, they couldn't keep her safe from herself

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Certainly a better outcome than a couple more little fatherless mulattos collecting a lifetime of social services. Toll paid.

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Toll paid

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Four times he breeched the restraining order and four times they did nothing. Even the authorities can not save you from the TOLL!

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They could if they wanted too.

These judges and lawyers make more money by enabling criminals and injustice.

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Of course no mention of drugs.

[–] Oglop ago 

Did you know there was a time voat would pimp out these diseased whores like /u/Inara__Serra then most of them died from the Nigger AIDs

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“ Henderson-Bellman.”

Her mother wouldn’t even take her husband’s name.


This girl never had a chance in life.

The real tragedy is mom has a great big victim card she can play for the rest of her life. And she will love that boon with an intensity of which her daughter could only dream.

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Her biological parents, both mother and father, split when she was 3 years old. Idk what happened to them, but she was raised by her weak, elderly, clueless grandparents from 3 years on.

[–] acheron2012 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

NICE! Nothing says love starved like BOTH your parents abandoning you.

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