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Who let these lesbians breed? It's always the same story with faggots and lesbians. Sick minds and zero morals. Justice, then make them dig a grave for each other. Get in and shoot them. Backhoe the hole

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Yes. They killed a little helpless child. They need to be put down. All lesbians, faggots, vegans, and degenerates in general need their children taken away and the degenerates sterilized.

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Yeah, not gonna be able to carry that one . . .

[–] tallarn ago 

They can do donor sperm pretty easily.

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What a HORRIBLE read... I am a grown man and couldn’t even finish reading what they did to that poor boy... WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE FATHER?!

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Probably unaware there was a kid.

[–] newoldwave ago 

father sperm donor

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Lesbians are all insane, and they hate children. No lesbian should be allowed within a hundred yards of a child. They are monsters.

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They do hate children. But how does one end up a lesbian

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Lesbians are probably a defense mechanism against the traumatic childhood asshole fingerings they received from degenerate uncles. Also, a lot of Lesbians are fat depressed women who are likely ignored in the heterosexual dating pool.

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What kind of animal hits a 4 year-old kid 40 times with a belt? I hope they peel her skin with a potato peeler and throw her in salt water.

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They will wind up in jail able to eat all the pussy they want. It's like a reward. They need instant justice: bullet to the head.

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Too easy. Let us beat on and whip her with a belt till she’s brain dead then let her die. Poetic justice is the best justice.

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I shouldn't have read that. Should not have done that at all... I have a 5 year old son ...

God this absolutely broke my heart. That poor child...

His name was Stetson Blackburn. He was another victim of the globohomo-rainbow mafia. Long Live Stetson!

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More mentally ill shitbags, they hate men, so let’s kill my boy. Hang em high.

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What she do? lay on the kid?

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You didn't read it? Beath him with a belt on his body and head then kicked him in the stomach as hard as she could three times. Then denied medical attention until he was dead.

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