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jews are the most vile evil disgusting rats who ever skittered across the earth.

They will hurt anyone to protect their rediculous lies.

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She may be in prison, but she can die knowing she died on her feet, instead of living on her knees. Balls as big as grapefruits.

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Boils my fucking blood

these kikes are monsters, shameless monsters

too bad Germany is too far gone, 80 years of Zionist/Soviet occupation has demoralized the fuck out of them

same with Anglos but Anglos made their own bed, Germans tried and fought the Zog's

didn't win a 3v1 but at least they tried...

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Parents are fucking idiots for taking their children to doctors

[–] poly ago 

Hey my kids perfectly healthy! Lets take him to the doctor for a well-child visit, where he will get vaccinated and become un-well!

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By this definition every single nigger should be arrested.

Seriously though, that is literally an excuse to lock someone up for being pissed off. That’s it. In other words, take your Thorazine and drool on yourself goy.

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The entire western world is (((occupied)))

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Its illegal in 14 countries now to question the magical 6 million figure and France is as bad as Germany in jailing people ...... whilst everyone points to the jews nobody seems to mention the useful goyim who enable them, these goyim are the real enemy of we the people as without them the jews would be powerless.

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Shabbos scum.

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There is no crime more serious than wrongthink.

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When that becomes a true reality I'll probably be first to the gallows

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How the 2 men in that picture aren't dying of embarrassment is beyond me.

Look at her, strong and proud at 91. And look at them......

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I was thinking the same thing. They are not men, they are Shomrim.

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