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Remember that Florida has the 3rd highest Jew population and that Broward county's sheriff got a 17 year old preggo, made her get an abortion, and never went to jail for fucking her. Also the cop who stood outside of that school that got shot up got backpay and rehired for his (lack of) effort.

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Also don't forget that in the 80s an entire police academy class in Miami Dade was either dead or in jail for corruption a year later. South Florida is a 3rd world banana republic.

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3rd highest Jew population

Note to self to never move to Florida.

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I hate to say it but that's probably every state now. New York and California being the worst. Cuomo sucks Jew cock 24/7

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Yeah it has the 3rd highest jew population because it's the third biggest state you retards.

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The police are not your friend. They are the enforcement arm of a government that is expressly working against you.

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That's why I'm actually for police budget cuts. Fuck BLM but I'm sick of seeing people doing 45 in the left highway lane passing a cop, niggers selling and hooking publicly, my vehicle stolen, my pot plants stolen.... Nothing but crickets chirping. I leave my dog in the work van with windows down in the shade for 20 min at home depot, animal cruelty charge. My friend finds out his girlfriend is a cheating junkie tweaker piece of shit and yells loud enough the neighbors call, DV charge. Music too loud at 10 on a Friday?

Those pedophiles don't worry, niggers looting and rioting that's fine but don't you dare defend your property, call someone a nigger or name the jew, you'll catch heat.

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If Broward County was wiped off the map it would be a great day.

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But they're still going to keep funding and covering for the same Democrat politicians that are villainizing them. Textbook definition of cucked.

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For some reason this stood out to me. Here, in Australia, the government use the police on us like punching bags.

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> Australia

> Vassal state of the CCP

Makes sense, my deepest condolences goat.

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That is good. You will need that for when, muslim asians start invading.

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Law and order and safety are the basic requirements of government, and our civic leaders have completely lost touch with their basic duties as public servants.

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Well, it's about time they realized the Democrats were actual demons using them as cannon fodder.

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It's incredible isn't it? The sheer obliviousness among blacks is truly staggering.

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Niggers don't have sufficient intelligence. That is why jews want the world to be filled with them.

[–] Splooge ago 

You misspelled "jew"

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lol what a bunch of crybaby pussies

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While I think this great, does anybody know why these Police Unions are just now coming out for Law & Order Trump? I believe they withheld their endorsement untill they, and everybody else, see he is the only one throwing his name behind them. Comments please!

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Good for you you fucking pigs. You've never done me any fucking favors. As a matter of fact I see you as a threat. All you do is suck Jew cock. I have no use for you go fuck off I hope the niggars kill you

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