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He needs to sue for wrongful arrest and you have to sue the judge lawyer and cop for breaking owes and intimidation and harassment and intent to harm


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He is charged with one count of ethnic intimidation, disorderly conduct by abusive language, communicating threats, intoxicated and disruptive behavior and second-degree trespassing.

He could fight the first, second and possibly third charges on First Amendment grounds, but that won't help with the remainder and fighting them likely wouldn't help him much. He'll likely cop a plea, and this shit will stay on the books.


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Kikes want you tied up in legal fees. Most whites can’t afford a lawyer. Yet alone, finding a lawyer who will take up a white cause.


[–] gazillions ago  (edited ago)

Yes, but they're trying to get a war started before the election. If it becomes a precedent it should be the final straw.