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Note the nose on the guy who tore down the sign and did not have a very convincing explanation for why it was so "rayciss."

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And he was there to rip it off in front of the camera crew while being filmed. How convenient.

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Always. The media and the sign freaker outers obviously have prearranged appointments to gasp and chatter.

They did it all across North America and a little digging and the primary allocated freak out people are usually non profit employees and now you find them currently working in government jobs.

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If I had hung that sign, I would've also rigged a car battery to the fence so anyone who touched it received a nice little shock.

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Could barely contain his sly smile as he expressed his idiotic reasoning.

It must be repeated to solve the jq, they should all be exterminated for the good of this planet.

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"...to suggest otherwise is outright racism..."

At that point he can't help but get that hand-rubbing look of maniacal kike glee on his hideous face. If only the holocaust had been real, the world would be such a better place.

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That shylock nose is called a sheckle sniffer.

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I knew it when I heard his voice and I had to close out of the video when I saw his face.

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and how grey he was for his age, yet another one

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Hey now, let's leave out the grey. Focus on the jew snozz.

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Completely staged. How convenient that the news reporter just happen to be there as the sign was removed, interviewed the "person" and got the "dramatic" shot for viewers. FAKE NEWS.

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...and guy from the anti-defamation league

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There is nothing antisemitic about it's ok to be white.... unless the ADL is connected to BLM somehow. Hummm....

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I hate to be the guy that has nothing to offer further, but you are so right.

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I think that this shows how powerful that simple message is.

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It illustrates the contradiction as @truth2025 (OP) pointed out.

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It's okay to have a simple message.

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It's not ok for any message to go against the (((official))) narrative.

[–] Monkstar1 ago 

It's Okay to be white. It's Okay. It's OK. okay symbol

The message is the same.

How soon til making the okay gesture is banned?

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Oh my God the cuck with the blue glasses. If they defund the police it's going to be open season on little bitches like that. You created this, cuck. Get what you fucking deserve.

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They fly off to Israel or whatever country they are destroying next.

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They are clueless, as well as their blm pets about how their own interactions would change minus yt.

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They've never explained this one. They just jumped straight to it being hatespeech.

[–] HighEnergyLife ago 

Women and faggots dont understand reasons anyway, they internalize anything the tv says

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That's quite a nose.

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Gotta appreciate the jews news sending out some free red pills. This story must have pissed off a solid amount of fence sitting normies who recognize how bullshit this response was.

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Maybe, but they also might have convinced a few fence sitters with their propaganda like "behind the words is bigotry, behind the words is hate" that's emotional manipulative bullshit and its what the jews excel at utilizing to their full potential.

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[–] TheStapler ago 

it was tewwible! it gave me a tempowawy case of PTSD!

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