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Wonderful -- I really LIKE and respect that man. He does exactly what he says, which is extraordinary for a politician. I especially like how he actually called out BY NAME, with points to back it up in every case, the 18 CEO's worthy of our shame. Read it for yourself.


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Agreed. Company (small business) I work for uses Verizon. I'm not sure any CEO of any other telco is any better but I will do my best to have us change providers. Guess that's all we can do, is boycott these mofos.


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Some of them are difficult to do, which is where the reform is needed. Some telecoms are basically monopolies in certain areas, I live in NYC and the MTA is a monopoly on public transport, you can't really go "I'm going to boycott insurance!" because it's a necessity and almost the entire industry is abusing that fact, etc.

That's where the idea of taxpayer funded programs come into play as an idea to either create competition or remove a corrupt industry, as vicious as that sounds.


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My company was using Verizon, too... Our clients weren't able to call us for close to two months because they couldn't figure out what the problem was with our phone service. We couldn't run credit cards because of their internet issues. Then, they tried to charge close to 2k in fees for 'helping us' during the two months we couldn't do business (and all that was only part of the problem!)


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I've been really impressed with Republic Wireless. They use Sprint cell towers (looking to get on T-Mobile's network as well) so I'm not sure if that's a deal breaker or not, but they are one of the better cellular companies I've used. And now that they've introduced a good and affordable phone (Moto E for $130 with no contract) and their pricing plan where you only pay $10 for cellular and text then $15 per gig of data which they pay you the difference of for any data you don't use... they're really a no-brainer. My bill this month is going to probably be around $11.50 with taxes.

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And that's when a whistleblower will reveal the plot and hopefully some revolutions can start

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The American political establishment would never let someone that actually represents the people hold any real power

Sander does not represent the people, like any politicians he is there to manipulate and lie to the people. he polices he advocates are policies that have alreay failed here ...


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Wonderful -- I really LIKE and respect that man. He does exactly what he says,

Too bad what he does and says will just make things worse for Americans , not better

the 18 CEO's worthy of our shame

Name-calling is the only thing Sanders has because the reality is, those CEOs have done nothing wrong and that what Sand’s is calling for is a violation of their rights an thus immoral ... as well as doomed to fail as we see with such similar policies n Europe which is now in economic flames


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Not paying taxes and getting government money in return.... yep, not doing anything wrong


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its more then you will ever do, so there is that :P