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Never apologize, never back down.

Death before dishonor.


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Here is an alternate account of the incidence https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2017/white-supremacists-protest-torres-and-norton-sentencing-threaten-judge Bottles were thrown at the truck causing them to swerve into the medium and they blew a tire. Niggers surrounded the Truck and Torres had Kayla hand him the shotgun which he used to defend themselves.


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Thank you OP. I got into it earlier with some idiot that just took the MSM/SPLC version of the story. The police reports tell the story. What the SPLC did was a perversion of justice, and it was perpetuated by a Soros bought prosecutor. Nobody was innocent here, but for one side to get 15 years and the other portrayed like sweet little victims is un be fucking lievable!

When their die was cast they had to play the contrition game and accept the blame to hope for lenient sentences, and got no mercy. Don't play their fucking game, it won't help you. Tears and the fact that they know they lied to ruin your life won't allow you any mercy.


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Superior Court Judge William McClain is not an appointed judge, he is elected by Douglas County. You think he may take that into consideration for his re-election? Without black support he does not get re-elected.


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SPLC needs to be designated a terrorist organisation


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Not one of you are safe if the Jews notice you. They will weaponize their controlled media and crucify you. They will intimidate elected DAs and judges to convict you. They will intimidate your employer to fire you and invite the mob to attack and threaten you. You are in a war. A psychological war and you are losing. Your women turn against you. Your children are turned against you. In this case they drummed up the charges by publicizing the defendants social media history. It had no fucking bearing on this case, but it was used against them. @Maltherian1 you say that voat does not trust the media, but look at the original thread and you will find soft headed motherfuckers that watched the linked Jewish produced piece of shit video and bought it hook line and sinker. They are fucking bottom feeding fish. Bad white man attacked 8 YEAR OLD CHILD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY. You ever see a nigger birthday party. A gathering of adults drinking letting the fucking children run wild and they are lucky if one nigger does not shoot another. You would expect better from voat. You would think they would be enlightened by what they read here.


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This was on the front page yesterday too. I think it's jew-derived demoralization


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There is a great site that provides information on how to send money and letters to people who have been locked up for pro-white advocacy: https://www.gminority.org/prisoner/jose-ismael-torres/


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I just tried to send him some money through the Jpay using the inmate number listed on the mail and Georgia as the state and it claims it cannot find him So I called the Georgia Corrections

They gave me the website accesscorrections.com You have to plug in the Gwinnett County CI and his info which is Recipient Name: JOSE TORRES

Recipient Id: 19000251

Date of Birth: 2/28/1990

Agency: Gwinnett County Correctional Institution, GA sign up an account and send the poor fucker some money


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Good to know. I couldn’t get jpay to work for him either. I’ll try access corrections. Thanks.

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