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This is insane! This man is being charged simply for protecting his property against some strange psycho bitch who trespassed on his yard and committed theft. She clearly had it coming.

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And they took his guns because they could. Hopefully this guy sues the hell out of everyone screwing him over.

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They took 14 of them. That made me laugh. But in all seriousness, even if the charges are somehow dropped and he is freed, it will take him until the end of time for him to get his weapons back. They will bog him down with forms and procedures until he dies of old age.

A long way we have come from the old west when you actually did commit a crime, served your time in jail, and they gave you your gun upon exit of the jail.

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“According to the neighbor, Feaster has only been flying his flags for about one year.

“Nobody really knows him,” the neighbor said. “He keeps to himself.”

Other than this instance, the neighbor said there hasn’t ever been any violent issues.

“It’s never really been a problem. His flags got stolen a couple times when he first put them out but nothing ever came of it. This is the first time it’s ever come to violence,” the neighbor said. “He’s been out mowing neighbors yards and just smiling and waving at everyone.”

What a clown world we live in when a great neighbor gets arrested for someone stealing his flag and niggers burn town down over the death of a drug addict, Porn star, felon.

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how do we support his legal defense, and dox the crap out of all those who try to take guns from someone defending themselves from theft?

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Yes. Surely if he (((sues))) he'll win his rights back.

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Fuck that stupid bitch for stealing his flags, but In most, if not all instances it's not legal to shoot a fleeing suspect.

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Yeah I hate to agree but you are correct. You can only shoot them in the front, not in the back while fleeing.

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Especially for a property crime. A violent crime, has exceptions though. Like if someone stabs your wife and runs off, you can still shoot them in the back.

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It is in Texas.

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It is in neighboring Texas. If it's to prevent them from making off with your property or fleeing from committing certain crimes.

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They do exactly the same to Whites in South Africa who defend themselves against bantu terrorists.

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I don't know about Oklahoma but Texas has "castle law" which is supposed to protect property owners in these situations.

Of course it doesn't matter what the fuck the laws actually say when government attorneys and police work together to just make everything up as they go along.

Which is why we don't actually have law and order in this country anymore.

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That's not castle law, Texas has a broader statute that allows claiming self defense in defense of property in limited circumstances.

Most states don't allow killing in defense of property but most states have castle doctrine

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"Our judicial system is broken and unfair"

justice enacted by citizen

"You should have let the judicial system handle this!!"

They don't know how to think, and I'm tired of pretending like they can.

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See also:

The cops are the only ones who should have guns!


The cops are corrupt murderers!

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Alinsky combat rules are in a full advance. They are trying to provoke sound minded people into self-defense, so they can then prosecute them. It incapacitates the good guy - they are in the legal system, their guns are confiscated, media uses them for propaganda, etc.

It's a no win scenario, as intended. One of those situations where you have to pick the least bad choice.

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Know that once you do have to shoot they will use illegal system against you so be sure to shoot often and accurately

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“She dropped the flag at the end of the driveway...and shots were fired.” I think they mean she dropped the flag after being shot.

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Or they phrased that way intentionally, knew exactly what people would think.

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There is not one headline in MSM circulation that is not crafted for a specific psychological impact. Every word and phrasing in a headline is carefully chosen.

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Oh you better believe that's how people will argue it. Just ask them, "Was it her plan to move the flag to the edge of his property then leave?"

Fucking of course not. She tried to steal it.

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Keep in mind, this is testimony from (most likely) one of her friends.

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People have no boundaries. Stay out of other peoples yard.

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Too bad it was not Texas!

Texas has two overlapping laws , though not entitled as such formerly



CASTLE DOCTRINE (that a citizen may use deadly force when restraining a fleeing felon in a criminal matter)

In Texas it is legal to shoot violent crooks , or fleeing thieves, in the back as they step out of your property even into the street. Especially at 3AM.

Totally Legal!

Even if its crooks robbing your immediate neighbors in Texas.

Texas Penal Code § 9.32. Deadly Force in Defense of Person : 9.32 (a)(2)(B) "robbery":


robbery!, yes ROBBERY...

Texas Penal Code § 9.32 (a)(2)(B)
A person is justified in using deadly force against another:

when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:

to prevent the other's imminent commission of ROBBERY, or aggravated robbery.

Texas Penal Code § 9.32 (b)(1)(C)
The actor's belief under Subsection (a)(2)(B) (ROBBERY) that the deadly force was immediately necessary as described by that subdivision is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:
knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the deadly force was used:
was committing or attempting to commit an offense described by Subsection (a)(2)(B);

SIMPLE FACT : Texas Penal Code § 9.32 (b)(1)(C) stipulates you can KILL (even in the back in established case law) if robbery under Texas Penal Code § 9.32 (a)(2)(B)

Texas Penal Code § 9.32 (a)(2)(B) and Texas Penal Code § 9.32 (b)(1)(C) go HAND IN HAND together!!!

SIMPLE FACT! You can shoot people and kill them in texas if they are robbing your outdoor possessions... though "robbery" may be codified elsewhere as 500 dollar value or more perhaps.

READ the goddamn law yourself. Its famous in various news stories the last 40 years.


In Texas it is legal to shoot ROBBERS in the back as they step out of your property even into the street. Especially at 3AM.

Read the laws yourself, or other laypersons legal web sites.

Other Texas laws exist allowing shooting of robbers taking property :


Texas Penal Code § 9.42.(2)(B) Deadly Force to Protect Property (SIMPLE THEFT AT NIGHT)...

*9.42.(2)(B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property

FLEEING (THEFT)... DURING THE NIGHTTIME... escaping with the property ? BANG BANG!! Shoot them DEAD in Texas! (if stealing at night from your yard) : https://codes.findlaw.com/tx/penal-code/penal-sect-9-42.html

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This man is lying to you so you end up with felony charges. You are lying about the law. What's your angle, what do you gain from this?

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What part of "Thou shalt not steal" does she not understand?

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That part. She doesn't understand it.

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Don't steal anyone else's shit, and you won't get shot. Problem solved. Moron.

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When will we protest (& by protest I mean riot loot burn & kill) for all the conservatives & white nationalists being railroaded by the gov to set examples?

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Its pretty much to the point where i flip a coin every day i wake up. Is today the day i get tired of waiting for my white brothers and sisters to wake up and join me, or do i wait one more day and give them a chance to back me up. I suppose when i have nothing left i wont flip a coin that day.

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This is the problem with the boog. Most of us here are ready, willing, and able... But don't want to be first, and know we will probably just end up in prison with the Marxists using us as more reason for gun control.

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On the day you rise brother i shall greet you drenched in blood on the battlefield

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One thing should be crystal clear by now. Your so called brothers will not back you up. Ever.

That is why you won't do shit. Ever.

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Last time that happened, they sentenced a guy to life for being threatened, and a bunch of people got jailed for years for being teargassed by communists. Not much motivation to do it again.

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We recovered the suspect’s rifle and we got about fourteen guns out of there and some ammunition,

nice confiscation move

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Fucking pigs.

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