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We "defects" have a civilization that makes your tribal brain indescribably jealous. lol We are the reason you are alive you fucking nigger.

So which one of us is defective?

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that makes your tribal brain indescribably jealous

She is a jew, right?

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I was going with black, but same thing, really.

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They're projecting their own insecurities so hard.

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Did you know all donations to the BLM goes to ActBlue? Go to the webpage then click donate, you'll see it for yourself.

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bitch is half white. come kill me stupid girl. I wish you'd try

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We are different than all other races. I guess you could technically call that a defect from the norm?

[–] idk ago 

I think I follow the retarded logic. Blonde hair & blue eyes started from a genetic abnormality, but persisted because it's advantageous. So I guess she's saying white people are just more evolved.

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All 'woke' niggers do that. They have a whole slew of little fantasies they tell themselves. 'Kangz' is the tip of the retard iceberg with these monkeys.

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O my gawd.... I say similar things..Please God kill all those worthless muslims,bagels and traitors....please give me the strength to not actively remove them from the planet...geez were so much alike. Bring it sister..we will see how this pans out.

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White people are defects? Ok, let them have one state to themselves and watch how it progresses. How long before they'll be making secret phone calls for help getting the power back on?

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They have a whole country with a mother load of resources and still live in mud fucking huts.

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