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Should market it as a way to get away from niggers.

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What should it mean to a critical thinker that the first images of earth as a ball from space were produced from a fake moon mission?

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In my opinion Stanley Kubrick made the video we see if the moon landing. What made me a believer in the hoax was the phone call to Nixon. No fucking way that was real.

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Yeah, just to broadcast the video you’d need a van the size of a bread truck. And they’re just casually talking the whole time like they’re goofing around on the golf course, no sense of immediate danger or adrenaline whatsoever.

I think Kubrick probably was involved. There are several clues about the movie the Shining and the fact that 2001: A Space Odyssey came out just before the Apollo missions makes it seem like a test run. And I heard that the original credits thanked NASA and other paramilitary organizations. It’s absurd.

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Can you jump out in one of those wing suits then?

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Only if you have a heat shield of some kind.

"When he's near the maximum speed, almost all the gravitational potential energy he loses from falling gets converted to heat," for approximately 30 seconds before reaching his peak speed, a physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign said. If he and his suit together weigh in the neighborhood of 220 pounds (110 kilograms), he'll produce around 300 kilowatts of heat when falling at sonic speeds.

"If that heat was simply dumped into the skydiver, he'd heat almost 1 degree Celsius [1.8 degrees Fahrenheit] per second, which would be rapidly fatal," he said. "Of course most of that heat goes into the atmosphere, but it doesn't sound like a good idea to be around the equivalent of 200 high-power hairdryers for very long without some protection."

~ https://www.livescience.com/23710-physics-supersonic-skydive.html

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How high up is the "Edge" of space? 100 miles?

I just don't get how that works. Falling speed friction against THIN air? = GIANT heat.

Also why couldn't a spacecraft EASE its way back into the atmosphere without generating heat? Just glide, or insert (behind earth orbit around sun at x mph?) and slowly gain on the earth.

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Flat earthers, here is your chance to prove you're right.

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Lol they'll get blown over the ocean.

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I can see Russia from my balloon

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If you read it you would know that's part of their recovery plan, touch down in the ocean and a ship will pick them up.