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OH NOES! Does that mean I miss being beaten to death & my wife being raped by your enriched societies? WHATEVER WILL I DO?

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Surely Americans will be devastated by this news; what a disappointment not being able to visit a dank overcrowded European country bursting with asylum seekers.

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I'm heartbroken. I guess I'll have to find a different 3rd world shithole to be raped and murdered in. Hopefully they'll call me a racist as I die.

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https://archive.ph/wip/nZnIN :

2020-06-15 | EU banning US travelers when bloc reopens post-coronavirus lockdown

'Travelers from 14 countries will be welcomed to the EU, including Canada, South Korea and Australia. '

'According to EU data, the bloc, including the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, had 1.5 million coronavirus cases as of June 30. '

'Jahnz also stressed that the EU was not making "political decisions" about which countries should be allowed to travel to the 27-member bloc. '

'President Donald Trump banned travel from European countries to the United States in mid-March. '

'Americans will not be allowed to travel to European Union countries when the bloc opens up to international visitors July 1, the European Council announced Tuesday. '

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Where is Bobby D,going to get 14 year old call girls now?

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This is going to piss off the liberals lol

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No...they will blame Trump.