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So, AR500 or Level IV? Asking for a friend.

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That's a budget constraint. Level 3 steel plates can be reused after taking rounds. Level 4 is ceramic, because steel is too heavy, but the ceramic can't be reused as much. I say get a level 4 because of you end up needing it, it'll probably be in a raid capturing enemy armaments

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The spalling would cut you to shreds at about the same time a ceramic plate would fail.

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I went with level III+ lightweight.

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Don't buy AR500. Full stop.

You want Level IV ceramic.

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What if you already have AR500, buy some IV plates as primaries?

[–] Rellik88 ago 

Steel for me.

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I would recommend ceramic level IV. Ceramic is lighter than steel but still heavy as hell if you're wearing it all day. I've had no issues with it cracking unless you get shot, then you'd need to swap out plates.

Level IV will protect against 30-06 AP, which is commonly available as surplus. Larger calibers can still go through, but unless they have something like Lapua Magnum you should live.

Pro-tip: they'll probably aim for your sides & legs anyway

Also, you need to practice shooting with your body armor on.

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The charges are not aimed at the couple, they are aimed at the "protesters". They are going to charge the "protesters", not the homeowners. I live in this area.

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Cool. Where’d you read this?

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Once you let them take, they don't stop.

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(((Tim Pool)))

When the fuck will you cucks realize that hapaspic is so anti-White he may as well be jewish and probably is.

Oh... right (((MrBateman)))

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Please no Tim Pool.

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Told you. I live in the area.