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Aka Why women should never have any power or authority over anything including their own bodies.

[–] Fetalpig ago 

But,I can call the coroner to pick up the dead body right?

[–] vastrightwing ago 

Wouldn't it be better to disband the police and drop 911 service?

[–] SnoopGoatieGoat ago 

Well that IS what they want. A race war and they have a team that they're rooting for so of course they will cheat to give them a leg up. I mean, these Governor are not nameless faceless simulacras, they are very real and can be removed from office with enough political support. Their team now has all the political power and know how but that can change.

[–] 78616BC93459 ago 

And I'm sure the law is very clear on what "racially motivated" means and what it doesn't mean, right? I mean, it couldn't be that a nigger city prosecutor could get angry about a white person calling the police on one of her own and press charges based on a loose interpretation, right?

[–] Dave_ph ago 

What state do you live in where it was legal to call 911 to attempt to impose white supremacist laws on the noble black man

[–] MockingDead ago 

Well, don't call 911.

[–] 78616BC93459 ago 

They'll use that as evidence that you intended to commit a hate crime and avoided calling for that reason, therefore everything you do after that is automatically a hate crime.