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And who is Gilead...oooh that’s right the maker of a drug that is a 4000% markup of the proven, even by alleged Dr Fauxi in 2005, HCQ, C, D, Zinc combo. These fucking FRAUDS profit from death.

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Their riches are built on dead bodies

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This is also the company who makes TWO different PREP drugs, you know, the drugs for faggots to have ass sex with HIV faggots in the hopes of not getting pozzed. The drugs with those commercials filled with degenerate faggots and trannyfaggots and niggers. Funny how this pharma company is suddenly all over the place. I'm sure it's all just (((cohencidence))).

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I've brought that issue up. These ppl have no problem with HIV positive ppl continuing to fuck each other and actually promote it. But business are shut down over a fucking flu.

We really do live in clown dimension

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Ah, gilead. The company that donated remdesivir to israel but sells it for $400 per vial for goys?

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He’s promoted Remdesivir for multiple pandemics. Now it’s all out in the open

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$3k+ for a shot, eh?

[–] Deflo56 ago 

A shot at life.

It’s only used in a hospital. Lets say they pull in $19,000.00 extra (more if they hit a ventilator) for the Chinese Virus and this drug cuts the stay in half. The hospital could double their profit. They would gladly pay three grand for treatment. It’s not a shot. It’s an IV drip.

The criminality to me isn’t the cost of the drug it’s how they have impeded the prophylactic use of the cure.

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Imagine pumping a flu strain so much and destroying society just so that you can sell your bullshit vaccine later.

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How does THIS Gilead compare to Biblical references to Gilead? I think it's a place in the Bible. I can't remember what it was symbolic of, or what the people were known for (as opposed to Tyrus...Satan connection). Were they/it good or evil in the eyes of God?

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Does this mean Hydroxychloroquine will suddenly not be available?

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