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When does a nigger stop being a teen, 35 or so?

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The kid was 14. The one who died was 16. So, no age manipulation there. Definitely high school age.

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14 year old nigger security kek

Seattle has a Congo zone

[–] Suroh66 ago 

That doesn't apply to our niggers, only the ones that the jews buy. Sorry, i meant to say sponsor.. from Africa.

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More niggers and anti-white whites dying. What a feast.

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Yeah this CHAZ thing is actually growing on me. Let it stay up as an example.

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Part and parcel to living in an autonomous country without laws

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Looks like no matter who the police is, a certain segment of the population will be shot.

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Initially home to hundreds of peaceful protesters

Still desperately trying to spin a flawed and quite obviously false narrative. Amazing.

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They have a bullshit blurb box of lies at the bottom that is pure opiate level crazy. It's the intro to the begging for money.

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The violence has left some officials seriously questioning the safety of the encampment and looking to take steps to dismantle it.

Seriously, someone has to be killed before law enforcement thinks they should dismantle it?

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at least 2nd death... 5th known shooting.

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How does that compare to Seattle at large?

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I doubt they will over this. How would they? They're more or less not able to use force anymore.

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Law enforcement has been told to stand down by these dem failure of leaders

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Only matters if the guard who shot is white

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He definitely was. You can hear him say on one of the twatter videos "oh, still alive, huh?" just before he shoots again. 100% white guy.

[–] Dave_ph ago  (edited ago)


Did you see that on donutoperators video?

It's his latest post on youtube

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https://archive.ph/BLizA :

2020-06-29 | Seattle: one teen killed and another injured in shooting in police-free zone | US news | The Guardian

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