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It's a start, but wake me up when they're convicted and sentenced

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convicted and sentenced

It's racist to convict blacks of their crimes.

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Take a look at this:


It's not gonna happen, at least not any time soon, but it's telling that GA jogger mayors openly want their fellow joggers to have the right to assault, rape, and murder whites, while wanting to make self defense for whites illegal.

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Charging them at all is A MASSIVE improvement over the usual nigger foot wash, knee bending and cop blaming

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Agreed but is the DA/ADA a Soros Fellow?

If so, look for charges to be drastically scaled back or dropped down to time served or commieunity service BS.

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Bike lock guy

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Public hanging for terrorists, after a good whipping with a bullwhip.

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Is is about time. I am not from Oklahoma, but now I have a lot of respect for Oklahoma (except for the fact that they elected a Democrat).

Watch... when people are fed up with this shit and vote a Republican into that office... the Liberal POS media will say this Democ was ousted because of this.

Reporters (or more accurately Democratic operatives) are the worst human beings, even below Politicians. When people get fed up, journalist will be the first to suffer.

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Acting like a terrorist = being a terrorist.

Why is it so many people have trouble with our language?

They're conspirators engaging in terrorism. Many have theories as to the nature of it all, and guess what that means!

[–] 9NaughtZ ago 

careful what you are asking for.

makes it a lot easier to label things as terrorism. What makes your statements not a "Terror threat" in the future.

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In the end, John Roberts will overturn all convictions.

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Oklahoma County

I bet you the county will be riot and looting free for months.

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If I was in Oklahoma I would want to know that DA's Name so that I make Sure and Vote for the Lady or Gentleman.

and good on Trump. He is fighting tooth and Nail to save America by Ensuring YOUR vote Counts, MY vote counts. Trump is doing a Fantastic Job

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I'm very glad to hear that, but how could that happen in first place?

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