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I'm racist. I freely admit it. The left has told me there is nothing I can do to demonstrate that I am not racist, so I surrender to their better judgement. I'm racist and there's nothing I can do about it... so... shut the fuck up niggerkike cock suckers. (clearly, I was born this way, it's not my fault.)

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No! No! The Left has now told us what you can do to demonstrate you ain't a racist and it ain't pretty. You must "lose things" associated with your white privilege.


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But that will never satisfy them, because when I've done everything they asked of me and I am dead and gone, I will still be a racist. Better to just embrace it and accept that I am and all of you are simply racists. We are irredeemable. The only thing other races can do is withdraw their interaction with us.

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I have 18,000 rounds of 7.62X39 that i can "lose" to them.

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Yet the 2% on top, the real racist, mostly pushing this leftist crap won't be giving up a thing.

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Here are a few things on your to do list fellow white devils!

"The truth is, genuine allyship is not kindness, it is not a charitable act, nor is it even a personal commitment to hold anti-racist ideals – it is a fall from grace. Real allyship enacted by White Americans, with a clear objective to make equitable the lived experiences of individuals across racial lines, means a willingness to lose things. Not just the extra $50 in one’s monthly budget by way of donating to an organization working towards racial justice. I mean palpable, incalculable loss. The loss of the charmed life associated with being a White person in America. Refusing a pay raise at one’s job and insisting that it be reallocated to co-workers of color who are undoubtedly being underpaid. The loss of potentially every close relationship with other White friends and family members who refuse to acknowledge or amend their behaviors that reinforce systemic oppression. The loss of bodily safety, by way of physically intervening when violence is being inflicted on to Black bodies."

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it's racist to declare yourself a racist. a POC needs to do that. do you have official documentation?

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So, I'm racist if I don't admit I'm a racist and I'm a racist if I declare myself a racist because I didn't wait on dindus to identify me as racist?

Nigger logic confuses me.

[–] 138 1 point 26 points (+27|-1) ago 

Comments show no one agrees with the bullshit the authors wrote.

[–] Alhambra 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago 

comments have been like that for years, but it doesn't seem to stop them from continuing to publish their judeo-bolshevik propaganda.

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Something about repeating a big enough lie long enough.....

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Soon they will ban comments

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Imagine that, its almost like real people are commenting. I don't believe anyone besides a tiny minority agrees with any of this bullshit. Anyone that doesn't agree with the fake news talking points is silenced and the nutbags are amplified.

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These people are guilty of treason and sedition. The commenters know it, we know it, every one knows it.

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"demonstrators in St. Louis had been moving peacefully through the city’s wealthy Forest Park neighborhood"

If lying was criminal this person would be burned at the stake.

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LEFT RAG propaganda: YES

Comment section: OH DAMN! THE PEOPLE ARE WOKE!

ZERO comments defending the dindu's. 100% support for 2a!

WINNING. Saw it with my own eyes.

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The reporting in that article is sickening trash. Yeah, how dare "Ken and Karen" defend their home against a mob of angry thugs who broke down their gate and amassed outside. But don't worry, they're "mostly peaceful". Only a "handful" of "outside aggitators" will burn down your home when given half a chance...

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I read that the "peaceful" mob had people armed as well. What could've gone wrong if they didn't pull their guns. Only the jew media is capable of spewing such comical nonsense.

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I think the yahoo comments have had too much to think over there.

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Classic exaggeration in the top paragraph and correction in the bottom (so no one reads it) :

a white St. Louis, Missouri, couple who pointed loaded guns at a group of Black Lives Matter protesters marching past their lavish property on Sunday.


it’s unclear whether or not the guns were actually loaded at the time of the altercation.

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lavish property


Of course they left out the relevant part about the looters breaking the gate down and invading private property.

[–] Bori 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

And it shouldn't matter that their house is lavish. They were on their private property and they felt threatened. Furthermore, one of the " peacefull ones" threatened to take the woman's gun from her!

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I'm surprised they didn't characterize it as white privilege property.

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Saw that. Also this-

Protestors specifically called out Krewson for her decision to release the names and addresses of residents who had participated in anti-police brutality actions.


the couple — whose real names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey...St. Louis...the city’s wealthy Forest Park neighborhood...their property, known locally as the Neimann Mansion.

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Jews not even once

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It's getting so bad, you can't even storm onto someone's property and threaten to burn down their home without getting shot! I thought this was 'Merica!

[–] bonghits4jeebus ago 

Did I miss the part where they pointed them at people? It looked like they were held off to the side, to me?

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So let me get this straight, the media saw it appropriate to essentially dox and run a smear article on a man an women protecting themselves from an angry mob, essentially making them targets and ruining their livelihood for years to come? But nothing has been said in regards to personal life, or even names of these people openly destroying and attacking people for being white? I tell you, I always thought to myself that most common people would essentially bend over and take this shit, and allow themselves to be erased, but now im not so sure. I have seen a drastic rise in people at the shooting ranges and guns stores in the last few weeks. I think once you finally ruin people's careers and target their families using national media you might see some shit.

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this guy needs to sue the media like that smiling kid.

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Hopefully Saint Anon has a list and is checking it twice of the media and riot leaders.

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To quote Sam Hyde-" The world is not dying, it is being killed. And the people that are killing it have names and addresses".

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in a crude nutshell ... that's how the Left wants it to be.

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that's how the heebs want it to be

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Cue Soros state attorney "investigating".

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Wouldn’t you know it, the prosecutor investigating the couple is black, and has herself been under investigation for the past couple years.

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Wow, so defending yourself against violent rioters is racist.

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According to the leftist media, if you're "white" and you defend yourself or property from those who wish you harm, then yes, you're racist.

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