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Strange that China would be acting exactly how we would expect based on how they've previously acted

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China is just the asian jew.

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Das rayyy-cyst

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"china" = isreal

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seems like voat can't handle the truth...

Who the fuck taught the chinks communism?

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China is ass hol

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I am pleased when this happens.

I have worried about China taking the helm of the world as America USED to, but they're turning out to be a race of dirty little grifters.

It's not well understood how much a society of TRUST is necessary to be a leading nation.

And we Whites are the only ones who do that.

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What's funnier is when companies from America or simply individual people do business with China, the Americans end up paying a steep figure to "learn Chinese culture and how business is done in China". This is simply a polite way of telling the Americans that if they want the factory to pump out the bullshit they've contracted and paid for it to pump out, they need to pay extra to the factory manager. If they want the raw materials which are needed for the factory to run, they need to pay extra to the supplier of the raw material and even the delivery men who drive it over, since the owner wouldn't in a million years pay them off using your bribe. Oh and you'll need to accept a lower quality product from time to time as either line workers or the factory manager try to steal various raw ingredients to sell BACK to the raw material supplier!!!! (Usually far less then the exorbitant rate you pay the supplier, but you're American!!! It's just business!)

I'm sure many of you are aware of the above and know the list can go on and on. It's fucking disgusting these little cockroaches have somehow convinced the world, probably because those white countries ""just want to do business and make money" and the Chinese fucks KNOW THAT, and take advantage. When President Trump began holding China responsible for their end with trade, and just for laughs began locking up their lackies and bought for jewish spies in American factories and businesses and universities, I sported the hardest Patriot hardon I've had for a long time. Spanked those empathy-lacking feral mongrels like the children they are.

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It's not well understood how much a society of TRUST is necessary to be a leading nation.

And we Whites are the only ones who do that.

That's exactly right. That's also the exact reason why western countries are being flooded with non-whites. It's all to morph our societies from high-trust ones to low-trust ones. Low-trust societies are easier to (((control))). I'm certain you've probably seen the studies which show the drawbacks of multiculturalism.

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Gay and a redditor? You need to go back. Probably a nigger and a kike too.

[–] ardvarcus ago 

It's not well understood how much a society of TRUST is necessary to be a leading nation.

You make a major, major point that is so seldom understood. The qualities that put white Europeans in front of the rest of the human race are not only intelligence, daring, inquisitiveness, and inventiveness. Another key factor is honesty. Europeans are inherently more honorable than Asians, probably due to 2,000 years of Christian training.

[–] ScionOfZion ago 

Somehow they manage not to lock their bikes in Tokyo.

[–] UberMenschen ago 

turning out? As in, you expected otherwise originally?

This is not new my friend.

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Fake gold collateral securing fake money loans...

[–] BalfourYourFace ago 

wait until you hear about the Chinese banking system and their "Wealth Management Products"

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I’m not entirely surprised- this is a country that “builds” massive cities in expectation of inhabitants which never arrive, and then less than a few years later these “cities” are found falling apart due to shoddy workmanship. The driver for the Chinese is money, at any cost to life and welfare.

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Those cities are to prop up GDP.

Same way the u.s. brings in foreigners.

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Bugmen fucking each other over. It's common. From selling melamine laced baby formula to the patio restaurant owner adultrating the dumplings he sells with 20% shredded cardboard.

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That's why, like Cornelius the Jew, I am only interested in Platinum.

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Or gold pressed latinum.

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Why is any one surprised?

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