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In other words, niggers ruin everything due to their low IQ's and their extremely high biological propensity for violence.

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Asians don't do crimes overtly, they do it covertly.

Dysfunctional asians exist and do overt crimes, but at a much lesser rate then niggers. If you're talking about Japanese they do it even less then most Caucasian groups.

The way the Japanese Yakuza does business is similar as a modern corporation. They also understand that they should not become an over-burden on society itself nor seek to destabilize society as a whole or their profits will drop and there could be a reaction from the many. The same way they also understand that if someone ends up dead, if they are found, there will be questions and possible outrage, if someone goes missing they're just lost.

Yet if you look at the Italian cosa nostra, they are helping importing Africans and Arabs into Italy for short term gain. As a result, they've been burning bridges with lots of people in society and if the Brothers of Italy every gain any power in Italy, their days are numbered, especially due to the power of modern technology.

Niggers are niggers, they are opportunist criminals, not many forethought goes into their behavior. And as you say, they have a genetic gene wherein they favor violence to solve short-term problems.

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they have a genetic gene


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Asians prefer fraud and embezzlement by far. For a while there all of the Asian execs were skimming and getting caught left and right, Japs and Koreans both.

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i dont think the asian can do violent crimes anyway, they are so tiny even grandma can kick their micro p in

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What are the brothers of italy?

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MAOA2 (repeat) allele.

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Over the course of life, I've had the misfortune of dorming with two different blacks - at separate times - while at University. None lasted more than a few months. Four things stand out: First, they incredibly dirty. Second, they rationalize theft (non-consented borrowing?) of just about anything they come into contact with. Third, their lives revolve around sex as they lack impulse control (many grotesque women fell prey). Fourth, it was always style over form - which makes sense because they were usually as deep and clean as a gutter.

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My God I feel bad for you having to experience that. And how could you complain, if you do then you’re Raycis! Lucky for you they are retarded and dropped out.

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This video outlines it: Poverty has next to nothing to do with it. A good one today on Jews and Psychiatry: How they’re turning us into pussies and ruining families. Like and Subscribe.


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In the US, there are more whites living in extreme poverty than blacks and they still commit far less crime. Poverty may be some motivating factor for committing a crime, but criminality is a separate trait. For example, Whites may be more likely to become desperate beggars, homeless, or eating out of garbage cans before robbing people.

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I'm partial to the West Virginia example. Impoverished, uneducated, widespread substance abuse, and still nowhere near as crime-ridden and violent as leftist ghettos like Chicago or Baltimore.

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The argument people will use is that blacks live in urban, densely populated areas and poor whites live in the sticks, therefore the blacks commit more crime or something.

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"black neighborhoods are patrolled by police the most"

good smart cops, going where the most crime occurs.

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Bigots go to eat in restaurants and buy cars in car dealerships.

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Appalachia proves this. Poorest people in the nation but low crime.

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When I was trying to find out what the worst neighborhoods in the country were, I noticed several articles cited Beattyville Ky. as the worst white neighborhood so I researched it. Rather high opioid use— there’s an opioid treatment center in town. Trailerparks, low educational attainment, low income and guess what? Low crime. Maybe one murder in the decade. Like 20 churches in the town. Apparantly you cannot find a town in this country where white people murder each other.

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You can walk through that town in the middle of the night and the worst thing that would happen to you is someone might bum a cigarette off of ya. Walk through just about any nigger town at night and you will either get beaten or murdered. If a hillbilly kills another hillbilly then there is usually a good reason for it.

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Or broke-ass mill towns in Maine/Nh/Vermont. No crime to speak of.

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B-but when the racial minority does well it’s because of their culture, and when they do badly it’s whitey’s fault

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Kinda feeling like you can see the "Fatherlessness causes both crime and poverty," from fucking space on this one, goats.

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Still doesn’t explain why sub-saharans can’t run a society anywhere in the world right now

I think their views of an ideal “society” are drastically different from ours

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Nor can they feed themselves. Im struggling to find any black population on

earth that actually produces enough food to support themselves.

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Low iQ causes both criminal behavior and aggressive behavior in all races. Niggers' problem is that there are so many of them below 80 IQ.

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That and 600,000 years selecting for violence and opportunism.

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Criminals cause crime. Especially niggers.

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