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So close to naming the jew.

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2% of the population of America is Jew.

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the jew percent

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300 million x 2% = 6 million.

Strange how they always use that number.

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Is Dopey Prince jewish?

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Close enough. If he'd directly named the jew they simply wouldn't have published the article. For those who've taken the redpill on the JQ, it's still what it needs to be, without actually going so far as to get his message deleted before it's ever published.

Sometimes subtlety is an asset.

[–] yiddlerontheroof ago 

They might publish just that sentence, and then write a whole article about how he's an antisemitic conspiracy theorist and how this is a major scandal and the military needs to do a better job of weeding out white nationalists.

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That's about as close as you get in the minefield that is our political system.

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Even so, I expect Flynn to be back under attack for this. Of course this time Zognald won't be trying to protect him as his masters will tell him not to.

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Wowee, just like Mr. Trumplestiltskin in 2016! Boy, we ALL know what 'international globalist elite banker cosmopolitains' really means, wink wink! I bet General 'Fried Jew Stew' Flynn is gonna do even MORE to combat the satanic jewish menace that's encircled the globe in central banks they control for hundreds of years! Why, after Donald Superman Trump has been putting them in there place for the last four years, Flynn's gonna finish them off! Wow! You know, they'll make a movie about this in the future, about how rich elites like Trump and Flynn broke ranks and ended the kike hegemon. You just wait and see. Hey! Maybe we'll be in it! Like bit parts as part of the MAGA army! Everyone tried to tell me that Trumps has given everything the jews ever wanted and more to them, but I stuck to my guns! Now who looks like a fucking flaming retard? NOT ME!

Downvote away, I have no fucks left.

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about to

Dude, that happened even before your great great great great grandfather was born.

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He means that they're about to step out from behind the curtain. The snake oil salesman no longer needs his "Wizard".

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It's always been as puppet masters. Right? Isn't that why the majority of the world denies things aren't as they appear? Flynn is talking about the official unveiling of NWO, where there's no denying who's in charge and clearly separating classes of humans.

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Idk man there would be thousands of people intent on slaughtering these so called masters.

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Who makes up 2% of the US?

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the vagina club

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thats a meme, theres WAY more kikes than just 2%, they breed like rabbits and start at age 18 and end up with 10-12 children while the ayrans and anglos pay for their own extinction

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That's only the orthodox ones ...the secular ones dont usually have more then replacement numbers

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not really- Orthodox breed fast but reform and secular may or may not.

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did he just name the jew? was that a dog whistle to all of us who know the truth?

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IMO this is actually better than if he had directly named the jew. Because normiecons won't immediately reject what he's saying due to their brainwashing from the electric jew, but the message is still good.

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The Qult worships General Flynn as well.

I can't help but think he's /ourguy/. I know for a fact (thanks to knowing a handful of guys that worked closely with them... Plenty of crazy and funny stories.) that a lot of SpecOps guys are on our side, more or less. Leftists don't make it that far, with few exceptions. The worst Army Delta Ranger SEAL will be is an uber-Murica cuckservative, which means they can be turned to our side given time and experience.

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Despite his friend trump being surrounded by jews and having Jewish children and grandchildren??

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You're right. This thread is full of fags.

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there are so many people saying grey are jew naming shit its not even funny. when they say the media? who owns 95% of the fucking media and more importantly who tells the media what to say fucking jews.! bezos bought the Washington post and it is the biggest liberal piece of shit kiked news paper ever! it unbelievble the shit it reports. trump needs to break up amazon asap

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Yes. [ ] That close..

[–] Coofingjooger ago 

No. That’s a general.

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I like where he is going but it still feels like lip service.

“Now is the time to act.”

Ok you’re a god damn general and a leader - what the dick are we supposed to do? Post on social media? Fired. Protest? Jailed or possibly killed or possibly charged/jailed if we act in self defense. Say nothing? Well then it’s business as usual and that’s what his article was supposed to be against. So, is he just virtue signaling here? Really, what the fuck does that last sentence mean.

Goats are too scared to assemble because of glowniggers. But as a general and a leader this man could recommend a course of action or a group that we would be able to legitimately support and meet through. Instead he says nothing. So, while I’m glad he hints at the truth, it still seems like a whole lot of nothing.

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That's what I was thinking too. Why doesn't he step forward to lead and let people sign up en masse?

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ppl will assemble when they stop fearing the glow niggers. but til then were just cowards

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Welp, we know who that 2% is. It's just a matter of when folks have had enough and decide to bring an end to that 2%!

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We must be tenacious in the ultimate end we wish to gain. That end is to remain an unwavering constitutional republic based on a set of Judeo-Christian values and principles.

Hoped he was going to name the jew, but not after that sentence. More civnat go and vote bullshit.

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The term Judeo-Christian didn't even exist at the time of the Constitution. It would be better put that America was founded on Christian Deist values.

[–] Patnar_doozy 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

I agree. It's disappointing to see how widespread the made up term is.

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Was having doubts when he advocated for boot licking of low level masons (the police), but after that line I just rolled my eyes.

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They already do

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