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Yeah, it's the transparency that bothers me about ethnic cleansing.

In all seriousness, we are turning into a client state thanks to people like Trump. And he's proud of it?


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at least trump admits it. those other clowns do the exact same thing except they lie, deceive and hide it. trump wasn't president for the last 30 years, so my guess as to why we are "turning into a client state" is because of career politicians. not because of a businessman running for president.


[–] kirkis 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Career politicians aren't the problem. That's like saying career surgeons are the problem with the healthcare industry. I think experience and professionalism are good qualities to have.

The problem with politicians (professional or amateur) is in order to get in office, they have to focus more time on raising money than doing their fucking job. Predators like Trump get political favors in return.


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honest on how fucked the system is... and none of these dweebs can pay him off.

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So when the mafia would proudly shake down their community and pay off the police to look the other way, this made for a much more honest society?