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It does not fit the narrative of the BlackLivesMatter movement. They object to saying "All Life Matters" or that anyone other than them can be victimized.

The irony is that if you wanted to stop 75% of black men killed by homicide - they should stand in front of a mirror and protest, because most black homicides could be stopped by the black community, working within the black community.


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Pump your brakes high speed, that sounds like personal responsibility. We'll have none of that.


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It's called social engineering. They try and keep society dumbed down for a reason, so none of us learn how to think for ourselves. Our garbage education system teaches you what to think, not how to think. It's easy to stand there and judge from a pedestal, it's much harder to view it as a fabricated issue and see all the millions of shades of gray. How people were raised (and the environment they are subjected to) plays a huge factor in how they turn out, anybody who studies psychology will tell you that. I'm not about to start espousing affirmative action, because by definition it is called "positive discrimination" (whatever the fuck that means) but words like yours (with all due respect) are just two sides of the same coin. I think it's bullshit to believe that if some of these 'violent thugs' had been raised in an upper class environment, with all of the privileges and resources that more fortunate people get, they would still be who they are today. The human brain is a machine, if you were to throw a machine in prison for not performing correctly, you would not only look stupid, but also fucking insane.


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Do you honestly believe that if you went out and asked BLM supporters, "Does all human life matter, regardless of skin color?" and that most of them would be like, "No, whitey needs to die?" Okay...

I dunno, they did harass a reporter just for being white:

It is also bringing visibility to the incredibly dim-witted and short-fused law-enforcement officers who really don't give a fuck what your skin color is, they'll shoot you anyways.

Then why bring race into it at all? Why don't we just focus on making officers accountable for their actions.


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/hashtag BlackLiesMatter