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That's not what is happening. Plenty of white people look at incidents like this and think it can easily happen to them.

The main difference is that the media outlets don't report on police crimes unless there is a racial angle to it, and they can exploit the race war narrative.

Aside from when police are victimizing black people, the media always portrays pigs in the best possible light, and often shy away from rightfully criticizing police abuse.


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I think its a blatant attempt to divide people and to keep the racial angel working against everyone. Whites have it so good, they are the cops and hold the black man down. This could work to keep white citizens from speaking out, while keeping race relations hostile enough to keep the society from banding together in a powerful way and changing the establishment. Its easier for the power structure the way it is. If we all took the all lives matter position and you see a truly unified public and citizens regardless of race, well, things would have to change fast and the citizenry would see this and realize their true power. This is no good for the corporations and power structure running things.


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There is plenty of systemic and individual prejudice in America - and there's plenty of evidence that racial minorities are disproportionately targeted by police. However there's also lots of examples of police being generally abusive regardless of race and lots of agendas that are served by pushing a very divisive narrative in the media. I think you hit the nail on the head - examples of police conduct and oversight being a problem for all of us is not an advantageous narrative for various agendas and it's worth noting that it's not the narrative we're seeing in the media, despite the fact that it seems to be most representative of the actual situation. Thank you for your insightful comment.

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Yeah America's police are fucking insane. British police have never bothered me and I'm basically high all the time.


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The benefits of living in a civilized country


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If white people went out if the streets every time a white dude was unjustly killed by the police, the media would cover it the same way they do a black's death, cause it would cause the same buzz.