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As a yankee that wishes the south won, fuck yeah


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All wars are banker's wars.

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Jews slave owners would rule the economy now, if slavery wasn't abolished. Anyone complaining about wage slavery today needs to remember that it was way worse back then.



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As a Southerner stuck in a Yankee state, hell yes!!


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As a southerner in a southern state.. yee yee brother


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Haha! I'm hanging my rebel flag back up!


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Singing Dixie intensifies


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I can hear the screeching from here.


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I felt a great disturbance in the farce, as if millions of SJWs REEE'ed at once and were never silent.


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I felt a great calmness in the force, as if millions of niggers suddenly remembered their place.

Hahaha as if.


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Fucking right. Glad there is some resistance somewhere in the south.

Meanwhile in Northern fucking VA they just removed Robert E. Lee's name from a high school in the city he lived. Up next they'll bulldoze his house at Arlington National in a ritualistic way.


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There is a reason the southern Constitution isn't taught in our schools.

Almost all of it should be adopted into law.

Of note bills have to be named accurately and only about one subject.

No omnibus bills

Patriot act would have been called the spy on Americans act.


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civil war

about slavery

It had 100% of nothing to do with slavery. It was purely a tenth [I don't like calling it "amendment" because it's not, it's part of the original, it amends nothing, it can not be repelled] war by (((bankers))). All wars since Napoleon are and have been bankers wars. All of them.


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Every southern state Declaration of Independence mentions the preservation of the institution of slavery. Just sayin


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The war was fought because the North would not recognize the South.

If you read the articles of secession / The Declaration of Causes of each state, there are 100's of reasons, if not thousands. Slavery being one of them. BUT that is not why the war was fought. . . that is why the South Seceded.

So if you say "The south seceded because of 1,000 reasons, Slavery being ONE of them" Fine, that is a fair statement. But if you say "The war was fought over slavery" that is not true.

The war was fought because the North would not recognize the South. If you read the letters and statements of the Northern Politicians, including Lincoln, they didn't give a flying fuck about slavery, and that was NOT the reason they refused to Recognize the South.

The real reason is that they "Wanted to Preserve the Union" or in Other Words, Get to keep taxing and controlling the South. Southern Industry, and Southern Troops.

Basically went like this.

The North gets all Tyrannical and starts imposing huge tariffs on European milling machines to force southern cotton mills to purchase American mills over European Mills. Brittan responds by putting huge tariffs on US Cotton, creating a huge depression in the South. Then the North starts up with the whole Abolition Movement. Again aimed specifically at wealthy southerners. The Wealthy Southerners say "Enough is Enough" and Demand to be heard in Congress, the North (Who Controlled all three houses at the time) says NO. So the Southerners say "Fuck it" And draft their articles of Secession. And become their own country. The North laughs at them, and basically goes on with "Business as usual". Still enforcing import taxes and federal laws against the CSA. The South, being a separate and free state finds this to be an act of war (Which it was) , declarations are made, and shots are fired.

The whole "The war was about slavery" is just a narrative made up to make everyone feel better. It's a better story. You can find bits of truth in it, but it isn't the truth.

It's just a way for people to rationalize the fact that the US went full tyrannical, didn't recognize a free state, then invaded and killed 700,000 people over money and power.

It's easier to tell third graders that all that death, loss of liberty, and unconstitutional federal behavior was to "Free the Slaves".

Keep in mind, every country has had slaves, and now hardly any do. But only ONE country had a Civil War over it. It was possible to end slavery without war.


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That's irrelevant. The civil war had nothing to do with slavery. At all.

They also contain many other articles that the war has nothing to do with.


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