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It isn't a problem of people on an individual level. Lets say the two main party nominees turn out to be Trump and Hilary (I really hope that doesn't happen). I don't really like either, and maybe I like a third party candidate better, but I'm sure as shit not going to throw my vote away with the third party candidate when I know with 100% certainty that that candidate has no chance at winning and my vote will not matter if I vote for a third party. I'm going to vote for Hilary because my vote will actually matter then, and I don't even want to think about what would happen if Trump took office. The problem is not the people who vote, its a problem with the first past the post voting systems which there are many much better alternatives to.


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Thanks for perfectly illustrating exactly what I said. The problem IS the people that vote and that you'd rather vote for a criminal like HRC when you don't want to is troubling. The American people have largely accepted that they will either vote D or R even though they have other options. Once the establishment knows that, they can nominate anyone they want as the candidate knowing they'll get very little push back.

Enough people believe that there needs to be alternative parties that they could ACTUALLY elect one (per Gallup. Source below), but again people have bought into this false narrative that they will be tossing their vote away. Even if your candidate doesn't win you will be building and strengthening an opposing or alternative political machine. The only thing that's a waste, is voting for someone you don't like or agree with. That's what really throwing away your vote looks like.


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But the thing is, your vote that is going into a statistic that will show a third party is gaining traction will not matter. The rise of the two party system it NOT an outcome of the political climate in america, it will ALWAYS arise in a first past the post voting system. The worst thing about third parties in a first past the post system is that the party that is radically different from the other parties is the one that gets an advantage. Say a third party gets popular that is pretty similar to the Democrats. And say, in this example election, without that third party Democrats would win 55/45. But, the third party will only take votes from the Democrats, since it is more similar to the Democrats, causing the new election to be 15% third party, 40% Democrat, and 45% Republican, now causing the Republicans to win even though most of the population wants something closer to the Democratic Party. A much better explaination of this can be shown in this CGP grey video: For this reason, I'm never voting for a third party, and I don't want a third party to ever get popular because it will disadvantage the other political party that it is most similar to. The only way to solve this issue would be to institute a new voting system.


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a criminal

Found the teatard operative folks.

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Well said!


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Exactly. So what if my candidate doesn't win? I'd rather lose behind an honest man(or woman) than win behind a shill.


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and maybe I like a third party candidate better, but I'm sure as shit not going to throw my vote away with the third party candidate when I know with 100% certainty that that candidate has no chance at winning and my vote will not matter if I vote for a third party.

You're an idiot. Voting for Hillary or Trump when you know they're going to oppress you just because you don't think enough other people will go along voting for the other guy... That's the dumbest fucking move you can possibly make when it comes to voting. Instead of risking not picking the winner, you're going to willfully vote to oppress yourself? How stupid are you!? Elections aren't like betting on a horse, elections aren't like buying a lottery ticket. When your candidate loses, you're stuck with some asshole like Trump or Clinton. Are you seriously attempting to justify voting to lose every election on purpose? Why are you throwing your vote away, and I mean actually throwing your vote away against your own interests?

Let's assume a winning majority of voters feel exactly the same way you do. About the candidates, about voting for anyone except (D) or (R). If you idiots stopped voting like that you'd pick a winning third party candidate every time.


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You can call me and people who vote lime me "idiots" all you want, but you are the one who can't understand real outcomes versus theoretical outcomes. In theory, if enough people could vote for a third party, yes they would win. But it is not going to happen. I don't give a damn about what could happen or what should happen, I care about what will happen. And, if it comes to Hillary vs. Trump, one of those two WILL win. So, I'd much, MUCH rather vote for an actual, but maybe shitty, politician then have some idiot with no political experience that doesn't even understand global warming to get into office. Stop being so idealistic and learn to deal with facts.

And besides, that's not even the main reason I wouldn't vote third party. As I've explained in my other comments, in a first past the post election, third parties just take votes away from parties with similar views, and give a great advantage to radicals, so I'm not going to support a third party in out current voting system.