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Came here to say this. I'm going to add that we are a representative republic. We vote for local representatives, and at best state representatives.

If you want to be terrified, and have a sample of what the people "vote" for, then take a look at the current state of TV and music industry. Look at the stories that get all the ratings in the 24hr news cycle.

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But is it really a poor analogy? If the industry is targeting what people want, then how is that really any different then the people (s)electing to have it? You have to take a look at the entire gamut of the marketplace of ideas...If those ideas weren't profitable to someone, then the ideas would not survive.


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To be fair, remember that what's fed to the people is controlled from up on high. So.... if you've only been raised on crap, and you only know about crap, then what you're going to vote for, because you've ended up liking it, is crap.

One would literally have to be raised without so much influence of mainstream in order to mature into someone with a more "well-rounded" view of the world, (which would theoretically enable better voting practices).

Disclosure: I was raised in a very conservative home, so I didn't get to listen to mainstream music until I was in college. The fact that I was raised on jazz and classical music very much affected how I consume mainstream music today.


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After jury duty I found out many Americans don't know about or don't agree with the presumption of innocence.