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I keep yelling about voting reform, but nobody seems to listen. We need voting reform!

The problem is that we currently use a voting system that is designed to maintain a two party system.

This image illustrates how a vote-for-one voting system tends towards a two-party system

Basically, math says that we're fucked.

The solution is to allow citizens to express their opinion about more than one candidate. This can be done many ways, but the simplest method is called Approval Voting where citizens are allowed to vote for all of the candidates that they support. This allows citizens to strategically vote for one of the top two candidates, and for their favorite third party candidate. This system will slowly erode the power of the two major parties, and allow third parties into the political arena.


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Yep, I am one of the seemingly few people who care voting reform like you. CGP Grey has a bunch of videos on alternative voting systems which are all very good.

I think that by using a system like Approval Voting, and somehow lessening the impact that money and sponsors can have on elections would improve the american political system a great deal.


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Awesome! So, what do we do now?


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This is a fantastic illustration.

As someone who is just being introduced to Approval Voting (which sounds like a great idea), would this basically make primaries a thing of the past? Candidates with enough backing and funding could simply leave establishment parties and run against like-minded individuals, right?


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No, Approval Voting would not make primaries a thing of the past. Primaries are there to allow parties to vote for their candidate that will represent them in the general election.

One extremely important thing about Approval Voting is that it still requires strategy on the behalf of the voter. This is why Approval Voting should only be used when polling data is available to allow voters to effectively strategically vote.