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The US hasn't been a democracy since it signed the constitution.

It's a republic. That's different than a democracy.

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[–] machina70 4 points 25 points (+29|-4) ago 

We are a constitutional republic. Meaning that the fundamental laws of our founding supercede the will of the majority.

The purpose of the representative democracy is to filter the will the of majority. The founders were educated men in a time when education was rare. They were VERY concerned about the ways majority rule would be negative and subject to ignorant manipulation.

For example, inaccurate and sensational articles that stir outrage of the ignorant are the kinds of tools that are the flaw in democracy.


[–] TimeLoopedPowerGamer 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

So you're saying our representatives are acting opposite the will of the people and the constitution? Almost seems like you're suggesting that we shouldn't be reelecting the same corrupt idiots from both colors of the single-party system currently running things.

Might as well talk about how being edgy about "we're not a democracy" on the internet isn't useful, compared to removing open bribe money from business interests swaying political platforms by paying for outrageously expensive candidate election campaigns. That's crazy talk; like, Jimmy Carter level crazy.


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The will of the people apparently is to be ruled and screwed over by a small bunch of rich people. Oligarchy and plutocracy are not necessarily incompatible with democracy.


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Thank you. I wish people understood this...


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Well it doesn't help we've had 50 years of foreign policy spouting off about 'opening the world to democracy like America", but yea it should be blatantly obvious the government lies cheats and steal in it's own interest. If they educated the average person about the difference people might be inclined to take more action.


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The two are not exclusive of each other.