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It's not like they're being fee'd without recourse. If they use the card as intended, there's no penalty. I don't live in Kansas, but I wouldn't be happy to see my tax money being used to buy whatever it is you can't buy in a normal store with a card reader.


[–] Detente01 ago 

i am not on welfare but dont like using plastic because it doesnt feel like using real money just numbers and so its too easy to overspend your budget and also hard to tell how much is left in your card which can be embarrasing or worse if you have overdraft facility and dont realise that youve gone over until yoir next pay comes and bam there is a big irreversible hole in your budget

i always take my money out of my pay account put a little into mu savings then spend the rest in cash


[–] reconstructedcaribou ago  (edited ago)

To be honest, that's more of a 'not poor person problem' that you've solved for yourself.

I've been poor enough that no matter what I have, card or cash, every purchase is under extreme scrutiny and every dollar I have is planned out months in advance. In light of stopping abuse so that real recipients can get better access, sacrificing this small convenience has a much larger payoff.