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It's a preventive measure. Abuse is pretty common.

The $25 ATM withdrawal limit was passed as part of a strict welfare overhaul bill that also prevented welfare recipients from using their benefits certain places, including movie theaters and swimming pools, and shortened the amount of time people in Kansas can receive assistance.

That being said, I been offered on numerous occasion to exchange EBT for cash at some fixed rate right outside the grocery store before. Basically, they will pay for my food using their credits and I pay them ~60-80% in cash afterwards. I shop at shady hours ...


[–] Beers 2 points 12 points (+14|-2) ago 

I get multiple EBT offers every time I post something on Craigslist. Usually 50 to 75 cents per EBT dollar.

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[–] thelordofcheese ago 

They give single adult males $190 in PA. It does not cost $190 for a single adult male to eat, unless all they are buying is pre-packaged food. You can eat a lot better for half of that, and get $45 extra each month.


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It's possible that people get food from a food bank or even a friend or family and they need money to buy gas or for rent?


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They can still use it as a debit card. They can not use it to get cash in excess of $25.

You still ACH money for no fee to pay bills or buy a Western Union or MoneyGram with a debit card without a limit.


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For the non American people: is that illegal?


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@Budza, no it's fraud. To them it's free money, to me it's a small percentage of my taxes that is taken from me every paycheck. Now you may think this is a small operation between two people, but like the other commenters have said it's pretty rampant. In some areas there's actually a underground crime ring: see here for a Police Sting that caught them in act. Sometimes even your mom-pop stores are defrauding the tax payers.

31 arrested in Beaverton food stamp fraud sting


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Why wouldn't they be allowed to go swimming? Are they not allowed to exercise?