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So, this isn't SNAP / foodstamps, this is cash assistance to poor families, right? Like.. money that helps them pay bills. How are they supposed to pay bills, $25 at a time?

A fee of $1 will be collected for every transaction, not including additional bank ATM fees.

Oh, I see, they're trying to reduce their welfare benefits by taking 1/26th of their money.

Out-of-state purchases also will be blocked.

Isn't this a federally funded program? How can that be legal?


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The $25 limit is only for withdrawing cash from an ATM. They can still use the card to pay a $100 electric bill or other bills without going over the balance.

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Well, Kansas did just pass higher sales taxes across the board - even on food products. Got to make sure that anyone living along state lines won't try to get more bang for the buck by finding better prices. Can't even buy a pair of bootstraps for an economical price.