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[–] ShampocalypseWOW 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

If the kid was black it would be a story worthy of nationwide news coverage and protests. But he's just some insignificant white kid.


[–] Typo [S] 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The Ferguson incident started out with the locals being outraged and protesting. The police response was heavy handed which caused social media to exploded and other countries covered it. US media didn't touch the story until articles were posted in other countries. Australia was the first, if I remember correctly.

There would be outrage around this story if the people who lived in his town got together to protest. They could also start a social media campaign. Minimal exposure is caused by the community not taking action. No one would have heard of Mike Brown if the residents didn't do something after the incident occurred.

tl;dr: this story won't be big until the community or the family does something.


[–] ShampocalypseWOW 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Any story that fits the media's race-baiting tactics will be homed in on and exploited for all it's worth. Whether or not they're doing it to fan the flames, or they're just that fucking lazy that they have to go for stories that fall into their laps like that is irrelevant, of course. The point is that this kid doesn't fit that narrative, so his life effectively does not matter enough to speak about. Cop abuse is a huge issue, regardless of color, but there is a very clear bias towards highlighting cop abuse when the cop is white and victim is black. When the cop is also black, you don't really hear too much about it. When the victim is white or latino, you similarly don't hear too much about it. Your argument that the community must be outraged in order for it to be a story is just playing right into what the media is doing. It's admission that there is less cause for outrage because he was white. If people started getting up in arms as people did over previous cases where the victim was black, what do you think would happen? They'd be targeted by Social Justice Warriors who would tell them they're not allowed to be as outraged as they were about a black person because white privilege and systematic injustice perpetrated by the victim's race and gender. They would be outraged that people were outraged at something that doesn't advance their narrative. That is exactly what would happen.


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Pretty much this exact thing happened to a black guy in Ohio. The cop was just convicted of murder like a day or two ago