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I don't think these two things can be compared.


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Think whatever you wish, but if you're protesting actually harmful things (rather than simply being an anti-police contrarian),

then where the fuck is your outrage over bicycles and shovels, if you're truly upset about loss-of-life?

(But seriously, keep shitposting, it's a bold strategy: let's see how it works out...)

keep downgoating, you plebeians; may it do your weak minds some good!


[–] flimflamedthezimzam 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

What's actually harmful is that you have a 40% chance of having your life ruined by them before you turn 23..

It's harmful that we're the world's leading police state by a factor of the next 3 worst. We have more prisoners than China per capita, and in just shear number. These are things that effect the lives of every day people, destroy our competitiveness on the world stage, and have caused myself and a lot of the people I know with advanced degrees to look for jobs abroad. I agree It's not the individual police officer's fault (or really police at all) that they have vastly more interactions, it's our fault as a nation for failing to be politically involved, and failing our fellow citizens. However, as it stands today our current numbers would make Stallin blush, that's not sustainable, and that's what's actually harmful.