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According to experts, the proper procedure in such a situation would be for the judge to correct the error on the record. However, there is no evidence that this occurred.

“The judge would now have the responsibility for arranging for a new [hearing] where the error would be corrected,” legal ethics expert and Pace University law professor Bennett Gershman told The Jewish Week.

“It’s inexplicable why the prosecutor didn’t take the affirmative step of making a motion, or the judge, on his own, didn't call the parties back to correct his error,” he continued.

“That they didn’t, there’s got to be a reason. Is it because it’s a headache? Because they want this thing to be covered up because it’s embarrassing to the judge? I guess they felt that this case was such a hot potato that they wanted to get rid of it.”

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office declined to comment on why they didn’t seek a hearing to correct the error.

It's because they're all in on it together, protecting their own.


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