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[–] Bainshie 9 points 60 points (+69|-9) ago 

Apart from the study itself says nothing of the sort.

The study is in reference to abuse of prescription drugs, and the societal effect of something not being illegal "reducing" the risk of such things. This is a far fucking difference from "Big pharma killing people". What next, a study into suicide by hanging turned into "big rope" kiling people?

This post has been linked too on /v/conspiracunt, where you can all laugh at it.


[–] Easybee 8 points 24 points (+32|-8) ago 

Unfortunately, all of voat seems to be slowly transforming into v/conspiracy. It's worrying.


[–] Bainshie 6 points 20 points (+26|-6) ago 

I think it's because the lack of downvoating, it means that anything can get upvotes.

Still try and combat the stupidity with the rest of us at /v/conspiracunt. (The new home for the none squatted /v/conspiratard


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Except what are you doing? You are voat in action, it's not like we're in some echo chamber here and I think a lot of you fail to realize that most of the time.

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[–] Ergheis 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

This has been said literally every time by every site at all points of their lifetimes. Digg, Reddit, and so on. All that matters is that people downvote and provide the discussion in the comments.


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Also, it's an idiotic argument. A very small portion of the population uses potentially dangerous illegal drugs compared to the very high portion that uses potentially dangerous prescription drugs.

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[–] Bainshie 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

However at no point do people use these studies to suggest that "big guns" are killing people. You wanna use this study to lead into a discussion about attempted restriction of prescription drugs? Sure go ahead. But that isn't being done here.


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Are you the same guys that run Conspiritard? Will you be making any verses to make fun of American activists killed by Israel like on reddit?