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"Greenwald's new publication, the Intercept, has been engaged in an ongoing Freedom of Information battle with the Metropolitan Police Service in the UK to find out if that organization is investigating journalists, and the police have finally confirmed that they are, in fact, investigating journalists"

More info over at The Intercept

  • “The main reason the investigation is still carrying on is probably to create a degree of uncertainty around journalists and their advisers about what can and cannot be done in terms of carrying documents,” said Stephens, who is a partner at London firm Howard Kennedy. “They are trying to shake down and instill fear into journalists and discourage them from exposing things that have to do with national security.”


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I have to say also that the Governments want to make an example out of Edward S. to put fear into any and all. Fear keeps the masses in line.


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I think its had kind of an opposite effect, seeing how all the governments are reacting to him, make me think how fragile the governments hold on power must be since they all seem to collectively shitting themselves at the thought of other whistle blowers coming out of the woodwork.


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i think this not new news but yeah that freedom of the press! seems like the direction that our western govts are taking us this 21 first century is akin to moving closer to a "benevolent" but totalitarian/scientific dictatorship.


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George Orwell was right.


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In what way would you say he was right?

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They don't like the fact that we are upset over the way they abuse their power.

So they abuse their power to try to stop us from finding out any more about it.

When the only tool in your toolbox is "abuse of power" every problem becomes a nail ... or some such adage.


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What is effectively the lapdog of the United States admits that it is following the interests of the United States? Not exactly a surprise.


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Why not? The US proved we could do it and the population is too disenfranchised to do anything about it.


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From an anecdotal perspective I can say there are topics/subs/forums/sites I will not post to because I am worried about being tracked.

I strongly doubt I am the only one that has altered their behavior.


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You know what I find truly hysterically funny?

Hitler won; Fascism won.

Quite frankly at this point, I'm just waiting for the Nazis to get back on the streets with a corporate police uniform.


Tin foil or no tin foil, at this rate all the above will come true as people have grown too complacent.


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TLDR: Good reporters enjoy a good challenge.

While I'll probably be buried, I think this is good for society, and I'd like to explain before that finger or yours loses you're triggered to start freaking out like some sort of obnoxious child that can't get their $2.99 diabetes meal.

There isn't a reporter alive that doesn't already know this. It's not like governments have made much of an effort in the past few years to hide the fact that most communications are routed, logged, and stored in large databases. It's a documented fact that people are spied upon by first world nations, and third world nations alike. Governments always have done this, and always will, because it's their job (some might argue) to maintain the status quo.

Now, the reason I like hearing stories like this is because in a sea of shitty journalism from bloggers, underpaid/over-worked reporters pulling triple duties like photography, writing, and coding, (or coding, writing, editing, or writing, editing, marketing, etc.), this only emboldens the reporters that actually give a shit about the stories they have the time to write about thoroughly. Good reporters purposefully piss off the people whose job it is to maintain the status quo because the biggest part of the job is to ask questions, and do homework. Hate mail, poorly written comments, death threats (my favorite), are all part of the bag of flaming dog shit that gets thrown at my door as a reporter and they remind me that I'm:

1) On the right track.

2) Doing my job correctly.

You hear a lot of silly and cliche crap like, "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention," or, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore," but that's all just a bunch of soundbites that broadcast/webcast people like to inject with fucking .gif files in the middle of stories that aren't worth the bandwidth or finger-stabs it took to upload, download, click through, or even digest into coherent representations of what we tend to consider a legitimate "thought". Sure, there's a point to all that anger, but a reporters job is to report the news. It's in the word, "news" -- things that are new, shit you haven't heard before. A lot of times the things you don't hear about are the things people don't want you to hear about, and when you hear about the things the first group of people didn't want you to hear about, the rest of the people get pretty pissy with the first group and start shouting very loudly.

Lately, those other people, the ones screaming, don't do too much beyond screaming so there's just this incoherent, darkly comic garble like a someone attempting to recite the phonetic alphabet during a bukkake scene. Most reporters are beholden to editors, who are beholden to boards of directors or shareholders, who are dependent upon sales and advertisers, so the reporters tend to only take up those bukkake inducing stories when there's something worth noting, but once the advertisers begin to pull out the newsrooms are forced to back-off because of the political pressures placed on people who essentially own the those news outlets. Most of the people with enough money to own a news source tend to be rather friendly with politicians, so the blowback on the reporter digging their nose into some shit tends to be hard enough to smother the reporter in said shit. Sure, there's the internet, and other outlets like wikileaks, but they're less reputable, and rather useless as anything more the a platform for publication (think about it as if you ran into Einstein writing E=mc2 on a bar napkin in the '40's and trying to explain relativity to the busty blonde next to you; you'd think it was just stupid gibberish from some old bushy-haired Jew who kept mumbling in accented tangents). People won't take it as serious as they would as if it appeared in a big named publication.

The people with everything to lose attempt to scare the reporters with threats like pulling advertising, using political pressure to force police to investigate the reporter or their friends/family, and can do some generally spooky shit. Again, this just tells a good reporter that they're on the right track. After all, just like in any video game, if you start to encounter a bunch of really hard enemies, only to encounter mini-boss after mini-boss, and puzzle after obnoxious puzzle, you're more than likely going the right way.

Of course, I'm just some asshole, what do I know?


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It's like some sort of insanity grips those who become enforcers, and they can't see what they're doing anymore. Dirty Cop: It's become redundant.

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