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Hat tip, Owen Benjamin!

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Robinson could be enjoying goat milk at Ursa Manor right now. Instead he's going to be a goat, if you catch my drift.

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He rebuffed Owen.

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Can you explain? I tried to look up what the issue was between those two and couldn't find any sources.

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Owen Benjamin looks and talks exactly like Jesse Pinkman

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Lately it seems Owen has started using more swear words when speaking, which is not a bad thing in itself, but it makes for discussion of complex concepts really tricky/annoying. He doesn't make too many videos with a message or a point, rather he seems to be making raw video steams of him going about his business of the day with a clear understanding of the JQ.

I like Owen. I want him to make cut together a few shorter videos that are concise and easy to share with my friends, instead of having me trying to narrow down the starting point, to make a clip of an hour long video/stream of consciousness.

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...for talking about muslim grooming rape gangs.

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Mossad really has the goy going with this one.

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They absolutely want chaos in Western Nations to build support for the Kike's final land grab in The Middle-East. They know war will follow the day after they steal their "promised land" for the 3rd time.

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The britbongs are ripe for conversion to Islam now. If Tommy Rabbison dies more Brits will convert to Islam. The only supporters of Robinson are low class boomers and gen X. Slightly above gutter class and they're all forming queues to join Islam. The Jews overstepped it in the UK. They 'over egged the pudding', nobody will riot, instead there will be a mass conversion and the British Jews who are stupid enough to stay will be slaughtered.

You think it'll be Iran who nukes Israel? Right now Britain becoming fully Islamic is a certainty and they will launch an attack against Israel.

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Ok, "Leonard Cohen", smarty pants.

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“Must see!”

No, put that up there with candlelight vigils and other related uselessness. The UK is gone.

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Right yes, They sang a song and gave up every right they ever had to the state. They're still socialists and still expect a bunch of malignant bureaucrats to make their life good.

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They never had a choice. You are acting as if jews don't rig everything.

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If you dont know here is a little tommy robinson history.

That song was made by owen benjamin it was a collaboration between him and people posting ideas live. They worked it out and made the song.

When tommy got out the crowd sang the song it was awsome i really thought it was cool.

Turns out tommy is a zionist shill. There are multiple imiages and quotes he is basicaly being paid to expose the muslim problems and never talk about (((who))) created the problem to start with.

So tommy invites owen over to sing the song live at an event. The jews find out and send tommy tons of fucking info saying owen benjamin is a antisemite so like the little short bitch he is tommy at the last second cancels on owen benjamin. With a tiny bit of manhood left he did apologize to owen benjamin

Now i find out therea video of tommy bragging about being a zionist shill and getting the best drugs every where he goes and basicaly exposing himself as the paid little faggot he is

So now im going to watch the video knowing i will like it because i know the roots of the song but i also wanted every one to know. TOMMY ROBINSON IS A JEW LOVIN DRUGGIE PIECE OF SHIT COWARD.

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Now i find out therea video of tommy bragging about being a zionist shill and getting the best drugs every where he goes

I hate to be that guy, but do you have a link to said video?

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Never hate being the guy that wants proof over just someone's word on the internet. It's good to ask questions... Unless you are in England, apparently.

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I dont have it currently. And the way you said it i am not offended. I watched it he is yelling drunkenly that he gets the best drugs every where he goes. Let me see if i can find it.

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I've never seen the video but I have seen pictures of him wearing a Mossad shirt and laughing. So possibly the same time.

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Turns out tommy is a zionist shill. There are multiple imiages and quotes he is basicaly being paid to expose the muslim problems and never talk about (((who))) created the problem to start with.

It sucks, but the masses don't follow Tommy for his Zionism. When the house is on fire (mass Muslim migration), you have to put out the fire. Other people can deal with the arsonists. This is a multi-front war, and if you let them take out Tommy because he's not pure enough for you, you're going to stand alone.

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Yes goyim, do our bidding fight with each other. We aren't the issue here goyim, those other goyim are!!!!

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I get your point. And im not disgreeing just wanted the truth out about tommy.

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Are you really surprised? Never trust a jewish media source like the rebel ever. Just stop watching at that point. We have our own perspectives and opinions and dont need a jew to speak for us as media personalities. Support your own media. Dont get soft on it or nihlistic. It totally matters. There is no such thing as a jew with your true interest in their heart. Any internet company or channel owned by a jew should not be watched. They are biased in favour of jews and often paid to hold their position by lobbying groups. Communist will alway seek control of the narrative by controlling the media. Be selective of your influencers and do a thorough back ground check.

[–] Doglegwarrior ago 

You mean rabbi media. Glen beck is someone id be willing to take jail time to beat the shit out of. If i got a good solid 1 minute or just beating the shit out of that piece of crap used car salesmen id tske some jail time.

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Not that i know jack shit but I'll buy it on the sole grounds that anyone that stayed in the mainstream this long is just a controlled op.

Maybe mossad decided its his time.

Maybe the UK courts took their initiative beyond what their masters intended.

Either way, he was never of much consequence. Maybe he'll turn into a white mandela from prison, more likely he's through.

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He will die. It’s so sad that in my lifetime I will see the western world die. My grandchildren will have no idea what Ireland or Germany was. I hate them. I wish I was a billionaire, I wish I could dwindle the rothchilds and the military... I wish I could be the next hitler and start restoring law and order in this world.

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It’s so sad that in my lifetime I will see the western world die.

Hold your horses blackpilling jew faggot. Nothing is lost yet. We are still fighting.

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Nah. Watch "The Promise". Its about the armenian genocide. That is exactly how it will go down. Arm yourself and wait. People will rise to defend themselves when the time is needed. They will have no choice. The will outnumber the military 100 to 1 and will have infiltrated it thoroughly. We are fine. No worries.

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You honestly think him becoming a martyr wouldn't help our cause?

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