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You’ll notice that “The Hill” (a far FAR left wing loonie bin) prints most of the dissenting argument from the judge whose opinion carries exactly ZERO legal weight.

While of course not a word of the Law of the Land ruling by the majority was printed.

These evil traitors never miss a single beat. Not a single one!!


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it's been a good while since my law courses, but i think justices write dissenting opinions to gift some sort of new approach with which to fuck over the other side. in the case of the liberals to fuck over all of the civilized world. it also alerts congress on how to word the new law that will come forthwith. and posthaste.


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Wow, the 9th Circus has ruled in Trumps favor on a couple of occasions. Who would have ever thought that?


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The Senate has been approving Trump’s judge appointments night and day. I believe he is like net +100 judges approved at this point in his term over any modern president.

This shit matters. it isn’t glamorous. But it determines if your nation is ruled by law or fiat.


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Think it's closer to 200 than 100 and that includes replacing a ton of judges in commie states


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Even they aren't as retarded as your average democrat


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Good. Fuck all those idiots


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https://archive.ph/c99fY :

2019-07-12 | 9th Circuit rules in favor of Trump admin in 'sanctuary city' case | TheHill

"The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled in favor of the Trump administration's efforts to prioritize federal dollars for local policing to towns and cities that complied with certain immigration policies."

'He also issued an executive order last year blocking sanctuary cities from receiving certain federal funding. '

'He floated the idea earlier this year of retaliating by releasing undocumented immigrants and refugees last year to the cities. '

'Congress created the fund in 1994 to provide federal assistance to state and local law enforcement to get more cops on beats and improve police-community interaction. '

' San Francisco sued over the order, and ultimately won its case. '

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