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Shame he didn't kill all 4 of the scumbags

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Agreed, but two out of four is still pretty good in a gunfight where you take some hits and come out alive.

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Only 50% dead, but 0% got away with it.

Plus, the surviving jigs are now going to be charged with two counts each of felony murder (death occurring directly or indirectly as a result of the commission of a felony).

Much harder to cut a deal on murder charges, plus both surviving nogs will be fighting to flip on each other.

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I'd have wanted to leave one alive to tell the tale.

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"A short time later he says he was allegedly awakened by a loud crashing sound as the suspects allegedly made entry."

Seriously? The guy said he was "allegedly" awakened?!

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He was allegedly awakened because maybe he allegedly stood guard with the rifle readied because he had half a brain and know what's coming after a bullshit story like "we had car trouble so we came to your door"

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My favorite one is "wanna buy these dvds mang?" while rubbernecking to see around you and check if anything is worth stealing.

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Pretty sure the media has to refer to a lot of things with the term 'allegedly' until the court process runs its course. For instance, the homeowner in this case had some gunshot wounds after being home invaded, but they still say 'the homeowner allegedly received gunshot wounds from the armed suspects.' It's obvious what chain of events would lead to this, and they're not saying he got shot in some other way, but they still use the term. The homeowner said that he was woken up, therefore, he has alleged this.

The purpose is to keep them from being intentionally or accidentally pushing something as fact before it can be proven or disproven or have its run in court, not that the media doesn't heartily abuse this, but the term 'allegedly' does have a reason and a purpose when reporting stories. That's why they use the terms even in stories with video evidence.

Example: consider both of the following headlines, if after the fact the incident was found to be a hoax perpetrated by the owners. 'Jewish bakery vandalized, allegedly by white supremacists.' 'Jewish bakery vandalized by white supremacists.'

Even if it is a hoax, the bakery was vandalized, but until things run their course, it's only alleged that it is by white supremacists.

[–] itsits ago  (edited ago)

I agree with the general use of the word, but it seems like every once in a while, they conveniently forget.

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"allegedly" is journo slag for "this didn't happen".

[–] Jeckle ago 

That "allegedly" annoyed me too.

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Click On Orlando is in need of a new reporter. This one can't write.

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3 niggers and 1 spic, Gosh WHAT A SURPRISE!!

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I'm more surprised that it was both, not one or the other. They don't always get along too well.

[–] SparklingWiggle ago 

C'mon they thought his house was a church.

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They want to ban guns, or atleast automatics. This hero would have been dead if unarmed, and very likely dead if he only had a handgun vs four armed killers

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Depends on the handgun. A 44magnum would put a sudden stop to their nogging.

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If I was awakened in the middle of the night, a .44 would not be my ideal go to. Loud as fuck, absolutely blinding in low light situations, and limited capacity. I don't even use a 1911 as a nightstand gun for those reasons.

But the shock factor of one of them seeing their burglar buddy explode next to them would be pretty righteous.

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Two dead niggers or spics= good news

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"Jason" mask

Hockey goalie mask?

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lol, nice catch. People are so dumb.

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OBVIOUSLY an extra scary assault mask.

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So tired of these racist Assault Rifle-15s stopping dindus who are just trying to socially advance in life to likely become (95% chance) budding scholars, business leaders, and engineers.

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AR-15 = auto-racist 15

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That is epic!

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Nigel Doyle

His parents were so close with that first name.

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