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I can't imagine the press wants to report on itself or its owners.

[–] Robert0497 ago 

Or the people who control the press especially

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Hey Bill Maher, you’re looking a bit pale, you ok?

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If he's not serving Epstein he's serving Warner Media and it's all the same to me. When you watch his old standup he was a proto-shit lord and a different person back then.

Money and power corrupt... look at Elizabeth Warren she gets in running against the banks and now she's Fauxahontas, it's like she got Hillary's pander-bot 9000 software installed.

[–] retto ago 

It's the company of jews and proxy-jews in the form of catholic politicians that creates the gridlock of thoughts, leaving only what will sound well in (((news headlines)))

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Bill Maher once starred in a movie called "Pizza Man" made by "Kid Love Productions" (which he owned I think).

Sure activates the ole almonds.

[–] Pwning4Ever ago 

Bill Maher dated a rather young girl not too long ago.

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epstein's investment "business" required his customers to sign over power of attorney to him. That's pretty extreme for an investment counselor or whatever he called his blackmail business.

Power of attorney's must have to be filed somewhere. His client list has to have been hackable. And he's been an object of interest for while. Someone has that list who is no friend of his. Find everyone that gave him power of attorney, and you'll probably know who the most degenerate users of humanity are specific to this case.

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Fucking clever. I hope someone does indeed look that way.

Unrelated, when I hovered over your name I noticed a badge I haven't seen before. Apparently it's your "cake day." Goddamnit, @PuttItOut, did you really have to call it that (or even add it) with the new software? Boo.

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Agreed on the cake day stuff.

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Find everyone that gave him power of attorney, and you'll probably know who the most degenerate users of humanity are specific to this case.


@letsdothis3 @darkknight111 @Factfinder2

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We know Rachel Chandler and Bill went to that island.

Bronfman Jr IIRC is in the book.

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

Not doubting this but I'd love to see the source on the power of attorney thing, it's just so insane.

[–] gazillions ago  (edited ago)

Did you ask a search engine?

I have no idea who newsfns is, but they have the quotes and crumbs: https://newsfns.com/2019/07/09/how-did-jeffrey-epstein-make-his-fortune/

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Vanity Fair reports that Epstein has photos of Bill Clinton on Epstein's Lolita Island.

This is huge because Vanity Fair is a MSM outlet.

See this post -

Vanity Fair alleges that there are photos of Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Island'

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Are (((they))) turning on him before he can turn on (((them)))?

More at eleven, or maybe not

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We know that BC is in poor health. If he happens to "die" publicly, then after his "death" they can throw him under the bus, and everyone will be satisfied. And he doesn't have to go to prison for it. And Hillary gets the sympathy for being a widow who was also married to a pedo.

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Maybe there are rumours out there that the NYC cops found pics of Clinton and underage girls in Epstein's mansion last weekend.

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The Clintons are washed up. This is the new deep state sacrificing the old deep state.

[–] think- ago  (edited ago)


[–] Alemary ago  (edited ago)

Just a thought.... When Hill and Bill were dancing on that beach years ago for their, “We’re getting along so well” photo opt, what beach was that? Caribbean Islandor Pedo Island?

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The press's collective response:
"We plead the fifth."

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I think Trump is proving himself on this one.

The real test is will he let the investigation expose the suspected blackmail government groups or will he make sure that stays covered up.

If he does then it truly is the Q promised purge. Otherwise I have not been convinced about Q at all.

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It's obvious that this was an intelligence agency blackmail operation. Acosta said he was told Epstein 'is intelligence'.

This needs to be exposed.

[–] logos_ethos ago 

I wonder how much blackmail the intelligence agencies use to enforce national security (legitimately, or as an excuse for something else).

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Trump has also presided over the biggest human trafficking and pedophile busts in the last few decades if not altogether.

[–] Kekistani_SS ago 

It will be covered up. Revealing everything would collapse the (((deep state))).

And that never gonna happen (in the near future).

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Everyone seems to be focused on Epstein plane as only way to get to island. His island only a few kilometers from St. Thomas yacht club....just short boat ride. I'm sure he uses helicopter from island to island, but easy to fly into St. T and boat over. Be interesting to cross check charter plane arrivals with Lolita plane arrivals.

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Epstein's accomplice G. Maxwell flew people over on a small plane.

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Need a way to track boat visits too.

Spielberg supposedly visited a *lot * via boat and specifically for pre-pubescent children.
Asked them to call him "Grandpa" while he molested them.

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I'd assume that falls under "people that went to the island"

I don't see Spielberg being taken down until after his death, but I'd very much like to be proven wrong. The sad part is, every time a bigwig Hollywood kike like this gets taken out, it's just another battle between the old-guard kikes (eg Disney) and the new-guard kikes (eg Netflix) to see who can replace them and ensure more diversity in their media.

If Spielberg gets bussed, there's going to be a reason for that, and that reason is going to be connected to big tech.

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