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I agree with your first point. Statistics counter your second point, though. FBI criminal statistics and criminal victimization surveys indicate that blacks commit crime, at higher percentages than other racial groups, at all income levels. Similarly, whites commit higher rates of crime than Asians, at all income levels. Poor white neighborhoods won't come close to the crime rates of poor black neighborhoods. Every single black country in the world is in dismal shape. Every single city with a strong black majority and black leadership rank among the top of the nation in criminal statistics (e.g. Detroit, St. Louis, Washington DC, New Orleans). I mean, DC was so bad at one point that 50% of black males were either 1: wanted on felony charges, 2: currently serving time for a felony, or 3: had served time for a felony.

I not meaning to come off anti-black, which I undoubtedly am in this post, but there has to be a cultural consideration on this topic. Folks are afraid to discuss these facts due to the nasty "R" word that whites are so terrified of.

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Well, every culture has its origins in poverty. White/Caucasoid peoples had harder climate conditions playing a major factor in natural selection. People innovated, planned ahead, and survived... or they froze to death. The end result ended up being some of the most advanced civilizations to exist (from the Romans, to today). African cultures never faced this struggle. They had wet and dry seasons, but weather wasn't as much of a factor. Sub-Saharan African civilizations never invented written languages, two-story architecture, common farming tools, and other things that Asians and Europeans had invented centuries earlier. Many languages have fewer than 1000 words. Food was fairly abundant. Family structure wasn't critical to survival. African women may have over 200 grandchildren, but their death rates are so high that population is kept in check.

My point is that natural selection punished Europeans for lack of impulse control, lack of planning ahead, and lack of family structure. You were more likely to die if you didn't plan for winters, farm effectively, and maintain a tight family/community structure. Religion even reinforced many of those behaviors as right with God. Africans never faced that level of adversity. You'll find a similar lack of development all the way around the equator. I believe that climate plays a huge factor on the success of a civilization and tougher conditions bring out the best in societies.

My point is that Africa was Africa before the white man arrived. It's still Africa today. Slavery is still rampant. Polygamy is the standard family structure. There are brutal wars between clans/tribes and dictatorships only seem natural. Europeans can't be blamed for all of this. Much of it is simply a culture defined by natural selection.


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Do you trust that the FBI are being completely honest?


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I'm not overly trusting of virtually anything coming from the U.S. Government. However, this is where the criminal victimization surveys come in. They survey victims of violent crime regarding the age, sex, and race of their perpetrators. What these statistics show is that nationwide police arrests are matching up with results of these surveys. So far, there hasn't be a significant gender or racial bias.

Other statistics that I've seen also report that while blacks are more likely to get jail sentences, whites are more likely to get the death penalty.

Also note that I'm referencing fairly old data (10+ years). I haven't looked in to this stuff in a long time and new data may present new findings.