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Damn dude, good thing we got this BASED latina on the case at the border. She's just as 'Murican as you and me boy, and she came here LEGALLY!

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It's also a good thing we have this based president that will do something about it! squeak

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If you let them vote today 300 conservative votes get canceled out. If you don't deport them, 300+ conservatives votes get canceled out in 18-20 years.

How many conservative votes have been canceled out since 1964...

[–] herbalism ago 

More like 3000 in 20 years. They breed like cockroaches.

[–] oneinchterror ago 

Very blackpilling

[–] Conway2 ago 

The hard truth often is. The reality is in 20 years more than 300 votes will be canceled out because, they breed at a replacement rate of 2.3. So every 2 mexicans that come today on average yield 2.3 children. Eventually it will reach a point where the children have enough influence to allow their parents to vote and then the number of votes canceled out by them instantly doubles(more or less). We can assume that is a point of no return. Where we lose all political recourse in the US. There will be a choice, suck it up and let them call the shots, succeed half the US, or violent revolution.

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Here's a dark matter pill: www.mileswmathis.com/bestfake.html

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Texas will be lost if nothing is done, if not this election, it will be the next. Then it's democrats here on out.

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Texas is already lost. It started in the 90’s and surged again with Katrina. Now every person I talk to that wants an easy fucking life with no effort thinks Texas is, “Da pramiss lan.”. I just agree and paint a rosy picture because i don’t want them her around my family.

[–] Gottmituns ago 

Pretty much. The red areas managed to hold on during last election. The cities are just as bad as any other city in the west.

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Learn to Kill.

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Remember when Trumpstein proudly announced he was going to start deporting millions of illegals only to walk it back she say it's been delayed two weeks... Three weeks ago?

He sure loves trolling his base

[–] unscreen ago 

I remember that! I thought I was the only one.

[–] robowriter ago 

Holy shit what are we going to do with all these brain surgeons, lawyers and engineers. At least we won't have to raise taxes to 75% of weekly income to pay for them. Whew, what a relief.

[–] ninjajunkie ago 

Give me a .300 Win mag, a Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm, and a couple thousand rounds; I bet I can get them to stop crossing at at least one place.

[–] Ezre ago 

Get ready USA will soon become third world Latina country, hope you all enjoy the ride.

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