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it's almost like they don't care about their consumers.

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This happened under the leadership of Alan Mulally. Mulally was the executive vice president of Boeing and the CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. I wonder if there is a connection?

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Almost ?

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Ford hasn't made a decent vehicle since the 70's and at the time they were falling out of favor because the metric vehicles had much better fuel mileage and the drivetrain held up much longer even though metric cars of the time had toy like bodies. GM is about the same although I have to say their trucks and V8 cars were pretty good in the late 90's to about mid 00's mostly because of the LS platform engines but quality fell off again. To round off the big three my opinion is Ram 'er 'til she's Cummins, but otherwise just avoid Chrysler. Personally I just don't buy new vehicles because I don't like all the debt that's involved. My daily driver is 8 years older than I am and runs better than I do. My "new" vehicle is 15 years old and has never needed anything but normal maintenance items and a water pump. I'm replacing it with a vehicle of the same vintage that better suits my current needs but needs a lifter after 15 years. I'm going to rebuild the engine and drive it for another 15 years. I'll have about $2500 in it when it's all said and done. TLDR: Ford sucks, Chrysler sucks, GM sucks, buy old shit and learn how to turn a wrench, and you're a fucking idiot if you spend more for a means of transportation than you would spend for a fixer upper house in rural America.

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I mistakenly bought a Chevy truck about 3 years ago. So far the exhaust has rusted in half, one of the gas tank straps rusted and broke, the evap vent valve went bad, the dash is cracked, the chrome is peeling on the door handles, the backup camera doesn't work when it's hot out, the wheel caps rattle, the chrome is flaking off the wheels and the tires are constantly losing air, and more...

Can't wait to dump it and buy a Tundra.

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Air leaks? Did you get aluminum rims? That's on you for choosing those.

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That shit is your own fault dipshit. Metal fucking rusts if you dont maintain it.

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My 30 yr old Ford Ranger disagrees.

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As does my 10 year old Ranger.

This month or next month I'm deciding between a new Ranger, a Triton or Hilux. They all have their good and bad points but there's no debate that the Ford is the superior truck. I just don't know that I trust the new 10 speed gearbox and tiny 2.0 engine here in Malaysia. It produces 210 horses which is plenty for a little truck but that's a lot of power from a 2.0 diesel. My current little Ranger is a 2.5 liter producing 150 horses, which is enough really.

The Triton's looks aren't great and no locking rear diff in Malaysia. I'm going to go to the local showroom and see if the general manager is willing to get me a proper UK or Australian model with the diff, otherwise no sale. Both the Ranger and Hilux have locking diffs. The Ranger also has Android Car Play or whatever, more power and torque (213 and 500ft/lb versus 177 and 400 ft lb), better fuel consumption, better wheel articulation, better wading depth, better ground clearance, better comfort, better road-holding...


It's so much better than the Hilux, and I've had no real problems with my Ranger in the 5 years I've had it - only a transmission cable came loose. Not snapped or worn, just loose. Other than simple servicing and changing a solenoid, that's it. And I don't baby it, at all. On the other hand there are Toyota dealers everywhere, every mechanic knows the Hilux. That makes it the logical choice, especially if you care about resale value (which I don't), as I intend using it in far-flung places.

I do like how the Triton's 4x4 can be used on tarmac - but without a locking rear diff it's useless off-road.

Really can't decide at the moment. But when I read stories like this? That puts a dent in my enthusiasm for Ford.

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I'll never buy GM again after Obama bailed them out, left the share holders holding the bag and gave the company to the unions who screwed over the company with ridiculous demands for decades making it unable to compete with the Japanese.

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My 2007 Focus with 203,000 miles disagrees.

Which is a shame, because the first generation Focus was a great car, I knew plenty that went to 250,000 and beyond as daily drivers. Sure, stuff wears out and I've replaced a lot of it, but the only "major" thing I've ever had happen is an alternator. Sure, she starting to show her age, but I can't complain.

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Made in MEXICO.

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Yes, came here to say this. Beaner produced car turns out to be flawed junk, not exactly a shock to most people with common sense.

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Learn how to drive a manual, faggots.

[–] mccarthyists ago 

yeah but how do you learn if youve never owned one and dont know anybody that had one

[–] Hugh_G ago 

I took a class at my local community college. For $150 I learned how to drive everything from skid steers and articulated loaders to excavators. Part of the class was also learning to drive stick. It's not nearly as difficult as some would lead you to believe.

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Hey guys, these cars are fucked up, should we change them?" "Nah, only faggots buy these things anyway, fuck em."

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Buy a Toyota or Lexus. Everything else is an imitation.

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Buy American you faggot

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Toyotas come from Indiana, faggot. I toured the assembly line.

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Look at your VIN numbers faggot. Your new Chevys and Buicks are being inported from china while my Honda Accord came from Ohio. Buy American Faggot.

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Even Subaru and BMW build in America, while FERD AND CHRYSLER build in CHINA AND MEXICO.

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There is no such thing any more with all the parts made oversees and assembled in Mexico.

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Did Ford take preorder payments? They can always just fix it with a paid DLC.

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I have a 2016 Focus . The transmission is a fucking joke. An automatic with 2 clutches , Wtf ? Make a 5speed or an automatic, not a fucked up.hybrid of both. The Dealerships just fuck you around until the warranty runs out. I will NEVER buy a Ford product again. Ford knows all about the fucked transmission, but decided fucking their customers over makes more business sense than fixing the problem.

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Good dual clutch transmissions aren't a joke. Just very poorly made ones.

That said, if it isn't a manual, I'm not buying it. Regular automatics piss me off enough when it comes to lurching, hunting for gears, and the two second delay between pressing the pedal and "go", without having to deal with the rest of the bullshit.

Next time you buy a car, find out where it's made/designed, and get a stick shift.

[–] SirNiggsalot ago 

I definitely prefer a 5 speed. Yeah , failure to do due diligence, but still Ford are grimy bastards. Never another Ford for me, ever !

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